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Jackson is Enjoying the Ride at ‘CWRV Transport’

June 26, 2017 by   Leave a Comment

Rob Jackson

It’s been less than three months since RV transport industry veteran Rob Jackson took over as the new president of CWRV Transport, Camping World’s exclusive transporter for its nationwide network of RV stores. But Jackson has quickly acclimated to the demands of his new position, and is thoroughly enjoying the ride.

Jackson said that he views his role as providing an opportunity – a way for drivers to see the nation and earn good money, and ultimately the opportunity for end users to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

“I changed our slogan to ‘We deliver happiness,’ and I truly believe that,” Jackson told “That’s why we have pictures of people enjoying camping on the front of our building, in the lobby, and on our website.”

While those images are important reminders of the ultimate goal, the company’s focus is on what CWRV Transport offers its diverse group of drivers. “We offer this opportunity to Americans coming to our Elkhart headquarters from all 48 contiguous states, and sometimes Alaska,” said Jackson. “You’d be surprised the backgrounds of some of these guys — blue collar, white collar, retired executives. I had a driver pop in and say, ‘Rob, look, I ran six plants for DuPont, 18,000 people.’ They don’t come across that way. They come to us to have a change of pace.”

And more and more people are coming his way, Jackson noted. The company has roughly 420 drivers, and Jackson’s goal is to have 800 by the end of the year.

“We offer our drivers the Camping World brand of 129 locations and the integrity and commitment and professionalism that goes with it,” Jackson said.

Jackson maintains that CWRV Transport is the leader in categories like driver pay, safety and ease-of use, noting, “Camping World dealers make it easy for us, with 30 minutes or less check-in.

“We offer them a brand-new, very dynamic mobile app,” Jackson added. ” It offers the driver a lot of features that specifically target what they need to know to manage a business. It’s designed for that independent contractor. The way we look at these guys is that it’s our responsibility to provide them with a successful business.”

One other aspect of that app is that it reminds CWRV Transport drivers of the company’s commitment to charity. The transporter has stepped up its charitable commitment under Jackson’s leadership, turning over a $10,000 check to KOA Care Camps in late May and pledging a per-mile donation to the organization that sends children to specialized pediatric oncology camps across North America.

Rob Jackson of CWRV Transport presents the company’s first check for KOA Care Camps to Hope Perkins at the Elkhart County/Middlebury KOA

The mobile app allows drivers to see the amount of the monthly contribution attributable to each of them, and points them to a special page on CWRV’s website where they can have friends and family make Care Camps donations.

And Jackson is intent on expand the company’s charitable reach.

That’s driven in part by his own Christian ethic — he’s a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society — but it’s also important to Camping World, he said. “As a corporate structure, we give back. We want to emulate Camping World, to be charitable and give back to the community. I want us to be more involved in the community.”

That charitable involvement is something that he’s seen modeled professionally over the decades. Jackson grew up around transportation; his dad was an executive who oversaw trucks hauling chemicals, and as a young man he decided to drive for a year, delivering for Morgan Drive Away, where he started in 1986. “My love for transportation was immediately dialed in,” he said. He became a dispatcher, and then in 1995 he became a regional director, then a vice president in 1997.

By 2001 he started seeing the trouble signs at Morgan, so he reached out to Mel Schrock at Horizon Transport, who hired him.

Over the years, Jackson said working for Marion Schrock showed him the good a transport company can do for its drivers and community. “Marion is very generous in the community. He’s dynamic, he’s got great instincts and runs a really good business. Those were an awesome 15 years.”

During that time, he took note of the growing FreedomRoads network and decided Horizon ought to build a relationship. “I told Marion, ‘Man, this could mushroom into this national network.” They reached out and started moving units between dealerships on the East Coast.

As FreedomRoads and Camping World merged and transitioned to the Camping World brand, Jackson stepped up his involvement, noting, “from 2006 until 2013 we were all about Camping World. That was my baby,” Jackson noted.

In 2013, Marcus Lemonis, chairman and CEO of Camping World Inc., helped to establish CWRV Transport with Dave Miller at the helm.

The company still worked with Horizon and other transporters — and continues to today — to supplement CWRV Transport’s cadre of drivers. When Miller decided to leave this year, Jackson jumped at the chance to come on board. He assumed the new role April 1.

“I serviced everybody over those 31 years, coast to coast. Now, the people have changed, but this opportunity allows me to bring that time and experience and everything that I’ve known to this platform and to really make this thing special,” he said.

“For all my 31 years, I was servicing the factories. Now, as a direct dealer pickup operation, I am the dealer. I’m like eight pistons of a V-8 engine, because if I don’t move, this stuff isn’t moving. To me, that’s fun. It goes all the way back to me being a dispatcher. I love the puzzle-piece stuff.”

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