RV Damaged by Emergency Landing

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One RV parked in a Livermore, Calif., RV and boat storage facility was slightly damaged when a pilot made an emergency landing in the facility, according to the Contra Costa Times. The pilot was not hurt and no one on the ground was injured during the incident last Thursday (July 24), the newspaper reported. The airplane, which was piloted by an aircraft salesman, clipped an RV parked at Ideal Boat and Camper Storage on Tesla Road in Livermore. The newspaper did not describe whether the RV was... Read more

Floorplans Not Unique for Long

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Because RV manufacturers use many of the same suppliers, the attractiveness of the floorplan has become a key element in determining the number of units that consumers are willing to buy from a particular manufacturer. But because of the competitive nature of the RV business, new floorplans are not unique for very long, Kay Toolson, president and CEO of Monaco Corp. Corp. said during Monaco’s national dealer meeting in Las Vegas last month. This also complicates brand-management strategy for large... Read more

Lazydays Reports $60 million in June Sales

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Tampa, Fla., area mega-dealership Lazydays RV SuperCenter reported $60 million in sales revenue in June, a record for the 27-year-old dealership and a 33.9% improvement over its June 2002 volume, according to the company. Lazydays, which conducted its I-4 Tent Sale in June, delivered 778 RVs to retail buyers, about half of which were new units and half pre-owned, said Stewart Schaffer, chief marketing officer. “Our record sales for the month of June comes on the heels of setting a record for the... Read more

Consumer Study Analysis Set for Con/Expo

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Members of the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) will receive a detailed analysis on the recently completef RoperASW customer satisfaction survey during the RVDA’s Convention/Expo, Sept. 30-Oct. 3 in Las Vegas. During the general session Oct. 2, Chris Jaworski, a RoperASW senior vice president will provide an in-depth look at the survey with the goal of helping dealers understand RVers’ “hot buttons.” “It’s more information on dealers than we’ve ever had before,” said... Read more

Monaco Motorhome Shipments Down 18%

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Monaco Coach Corp., the leading diesel-pusher Class A motorhome manufacturer, reported its motorhome shipments were down 18% in the second quarter of this year, when compared with the first quarter of 2002. Monaco shipped a total of 1,708 gas- and diesel-engine Class A’s and Class C motorhomes in the three months ended June 28, compared with 2,095 units delivered in the same period a year earlier. Monaco announced in early April it would lower its output 20% so it could reduce the size of its... Read more

RV Builders/Dealers Tightly Intertwined

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Everyone in the industry knows that an RV dealership’s fortunes are closely linked with the manufacturers whose products it sells. But the latest research from survey firm RoperASW suggests the linkage between RV builders and dealers in the minds of consumers is even stronger than many believed, according to Claire Skinner, chairwoman, president and CEO of Coachmen Industries Inc. and chairwoman of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Board of Directors. “The RoperASW research did... Read more

DURA Buys Creation for $57 million

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DURA Automotive Systems Inc., parent of RV industry supplier Atwood Mobile Products, has completed the acquisition of Creation Group, another RV industry supplier, for $57 million, DURA announced. “The Creation Group is known throughout the industry for the high quality of its windows, doors and specialty products in the recreation and motor vehicle and manufactured housing markets,” Atwood President Bob Pickering said. “I’m extremely excited about the synergies between Creation Group and... Read more

Monaco Earns $582,000 in 2Q

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Monaco Coach Corp. was profitable during the second quarter, although just barely, earning $582,000 on sales of $268.4 million. The New York Stock Exchange-listed company’s net income during the April-through-June portion of this year compares with nearly $11 million earned in the same portion of 2002. Monaco’s sales revenue of $268.4 million in the three months ended June 28 represents a 14% decline from its second-quarter 2002 sales total of $313.7 million. The company’s sales revenue is... Read more

RV Segment Boosts Drew’s Performance

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Supplier firm Drew Industries Inc. reports its RV business was the source of its improved second-quarter sales and earnings. The American Stock Exchange-listed company, which also supplies the manufactured housing industry, reports its second-quarter total sales increased 4% to $89.4 million and its net income improved by 12% to $5.3 million. Drew’s RV industry-related business now accounts for 62% of the company’s total sales. Its RV-related sales increased 26% during the three months ended... Read more

Fleetwood’s Coleman Shipments Plunge

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Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. reports its shipments of folding campers, including Coleman-brand units, plunged 28% during the fourth quarter of its fiscal year 2003, which ended on April 27. However, Fleetwood’s declining folding-camper shipments is indicative of an industrywide trend. During the first five months of this year, the most current data available, folding-camper shipments fell 24% to 15,800 units, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). Meanwhile, Fleetwood reported... Read more

Amphibious Motorhome Built by S.C. Firm

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A South Carolina company that unveiled a luxury amphibious motorhome earlier this month received national exposure on ABC’s Good Morning America program on Monday (July 21). The vehicle, called the Terra Wind, features granite countertops, marble floors, teak cabinets, a full-size Jacuzzi with eight jets, and a queen-size bed with a mirrored ceiling. It looks like a motorhome, except for the two bronze propellers on the back. “It’s simple to drive in the water,” Terra Wind designer John Giljam... Read more

Coleman Insists Fleetwood’s Out

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The Coleman Co. insists it did not take a Kansas state court judge’s words out of context and that it has the right to enter into an agreement with another RV manufacturer to build units that carry the Coleman name. Coleman’s statement, issued late Tuesday (July 22) was the latest salvo in its media duel with Fleetwood over the termination of the licensing agreement between the two companies. Coleman terminated the licensing agreement with Fleetwood in May. The contract allowed Fleetwood’s... Read more

Fleetwood’s Losses Grew but Profits Forecasted

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Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. reports its net losses expanded during the three months ended April 27 to $55.4 million, but the RV and manufactured home builder believes it will be profitable for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2004, which will end Sunday (July 27). Fleetwood’s net loss for the February-through-April period compares with the $40.5 million net loss it incurred in the same period last year. For fiscal year 2003, which ended on April 27, Fleetwood reported a net loss totaling $70.7... Read more

Texas RV Tax Repeal Approaches

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The Texas property tax on towable RVs is heading for the last roundup, according to the Beaumont (Tex.) Enterprise. The tax that never should have been is scheduled to go out of existence on Sept. 1, although Texans also will vote on Sept. 13 on a constitutional amendment to eliminate it. The vote will take place because Texas law requires a state constitutional amendment to provide exemptions from property taxes. Even though the Texas legislature passed a bill earlier this year to repeal the tax... Read more

FMCA May Not Return to N.Y. State

July 22, 2003 by · Comments Off on FMCA May Not Return to N.Y. State 

The Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA) may not schedule any more rallies in New York state because of its law prohibiting out-of-state RV dealers from selling during FMCA gatherings, according to FMCA executive Jerry Yeatts, who was quoted by the Buffalo News. The three-day FMCA International Convention in suburban Buffalo concluded on Sunday (July 20). An estimated 4,000 motorhomes carrying around 10,000 people attended the gathering. Yeatts, FMCA director of conventions and commercial services,... Read more

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