Arcon Introduces New Pigtail Adapters

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April 1, 2009 by   1 Comment

Arcon Pig Tail Adapter

Arcon Pig Tail Adapter

Ever get to your campsite only to realize the location’s power hookups weren’t a match for your 50-amp onboard electrical cord? Arcon Electrical Products has introduced a new line of premium pigtail adapters in a variety of sizes — and the new adapters feature a unique handle that makes plug extraction effortless (and it stores flat against the plug when not in use). Manufactured in yellow cord to make the adapter more visible, Arcon pigtail adapters adapt all brands of plugs and are made of durable PVC with solid brass contacts. Available in 15-30Amp, 30-15Amp, 30-50Amp, and 50-30Amp as well as a stripped 30Amp version and a flat-wire adapter which is available in 30-15Amp, 20-50Amp and 50-30Amp.  Contact:

Arcon Electrical Products

 c/o DTS Manufacturing,

7930 S.W. Burns Way, Unit C, Wilsonville, OR 97070

 (866) 387-7725    Fax: (888) 441-2708.

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One Response to “Arcon Introduces New Pigtail Adapters”

  1. Dick fessenden on August 13th, 2010 7:43 pm

    I bought a 30 amp plug for my 5th wheel. I suggest you have an engineer try to put #10/12 wires into one of your plugs, he’ll see where it needs to be re-engineered. I had to bend the ground lug down 90 degrees, the cap would never fit without that. Also I had to twist the other two lugs a bit in order to get the wires to go into the lugs. That said, a poor product overall.