Lazydays Takes on Monaco RV Motorized Line

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January 12, 2010 by   2 Comments

Lazydays announced today (Jan. 12) that it has taken on the newest line of motorhomes by Monaco RV LLC.

Lazydays CEO John Horton said in a news release that Seffner, Fla.-based Lazydays and Monaco share a passionate dedication to RVers that has resulted in scores of happy customers in the past and will continue to grow as the RV industry moves into the future.

“Over the past decade, Lazydays and Monaco have cultivated a strong relationship built on trust and the mutual devotion to helping RVers fulfill their dreams,” said Horton. “We look forward to building on this relationship. As a longtime top Monaco dealer, we are confident that Monaco RV will be a market leader for many years to come.”

Monaco RV President Kay Toolson asserted that Lazydays’ commitment to its customers is extraordinary and that both Lazydays’ and Monaco’s tremendous devotion to the RVer is a sign that the future is bright for those who love RVing.

“It has always been our goal at Monaco, as it has with Lazydays, to take care of our customers better than any competitor ever could,” said Toolson. “The bond between our two companies is going to make the experience for our mutual customers the best it can possibly be. We look forward to many successful years together.”

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2 Responses to “Lazydays Takes on Monaco RV Motorized Line”

  1. Jack Oatim on February 16th, 2010 1:37 pm

    I hope this dealership realizes the extreme risk they are taking with this company.Prior to Navistar buying the Monoco assets which were acquired because Monaco filed bankruptcy Monaco left a lot of destruction in its path.Vendors lost thousands of dollars they were owed,dealers and customers left set with warranty problems that were not honored and layed off employees that paid money to Monaco for Cobra insurance only to find out the money had never been paid to the insurance co. and therefore had no insurance coverage.To top things off, Navistar put the same top management in charge, the very same ones that got the company in trouble in the first place.
    Why would any new dealer or potential dealer think that Monaco wouldn’t leave everybody sit high and dry again if things got tough? Dealers, if you want to take on a new product go with a company that has honored all its obligations during this economic downturn!

  2. Ted Strickland on July 5th, 2010 6:08 pm

    Monaco and Lazy Days sure must think that the public either have short memories or just dumb. Both Lazy Days and Monaco filed for bankruptcy protection. Now they are pretending that nothing happened and the future is bright. All I can say if customers are so gullible and uninformed enough to buy anything from Lazy Days or Monaco, they deserve it. I personally try to tell people about the lousy experience I had with Monaco and Lazy Days and I believe I have had some success in making people step back and check these two outfits out before they buy and are sorry. I look for them to hit the skids again. Be careful out there.