Ariz. Legislator to Kill Streetside RV Parking

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March 29, 2010 by   Comments Off on Ariz. Legislator to Kill Streetside RV Parking

Arizona Senate President Bob Burns said he will make sure a bill that could unleash thousands of recreational vehicles onto the streets of Sun City and Sun City West will not make it out of the Senate, according to, Sun City.

Burns of Peoria attended a legislative meeting at the Property Owners and Residents Association (PORA) Friday morning (March 26) along with Arizona State Sen. Jack Harper of Surprise and Reps. Judy Burges of Skull Valley  and Debbie Lesko of Glendale. All are Republicans.

Burns said HB 2153, which is in the Senate Judiciary Committee, will not pass if he has any say in the matter.

“Unless it is significantly changed, I do not intend to move it forward,” he said. “I can certainly stop it in the Rules Committee.”

The bill has been kicked around for several years and comes as a response to several homeowners’ associations in Mesa, whose residents want to be able to park their RVs, campers and trailers along their city streets, said Bill Hansen, chairman of the government affairs committee for PORA.

The problem for the Sun Cities, Hansen said, is the bill would mean the county would have control currently held by the documents in both communities. Further, the 3,000 homeowners associations in the state would be able to make their own rules about the vehicles and it would be up to the county supervisors to enforce those rules — a cumbersome and needless reality, he said.

“There’s a (document) that we all sign when we buy a home in Sun City and Sun City West … this is a contract that says you can do certain things and you can’t do other things … among those, you can’t park an RV for more than three days. What the proposed law does is nullify that local contract,” he said. “It says we’re going to move this down to the county level. The county can put their own regulations in.”

“Here we have something that’s worked for half a century in Sun City and three decades in Sun City West, so why are we doing this? That’s the agreement we made that people signed when they bought their home, and we want to preserve the sanctity of the contract we made with the people.”

Hansen said there are about 4,000 RVs parked in a storage lot for Sun City residents that could potentially end up on streets in the two communities.

But the four legislators said they will continue to vote against the bill.

“I voted ‘no’ against it last year … but then it returned and I voted ‘no’ against it again. Now we’ve heard the good news from (Burns) that it looks like it will die,” Lesko said among applause from about 20 residents in attendance.

Hansen said the opposition for the bill from the four legislators is good news for residents of the Sun Cities.

“I’m elated to hear (Burns) say that,” he said. “The residents (in Sun City West) sent 650 e-mails last week opposing this … that gives a pretty strong indication how (residents) feel about it.”

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