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MVP RV Resumes Work; Filling 2009 Orders

MVP RV logoAfter securing funding from an overseas investor, MVP RV turned the lights back on at its Moreno Valley, Calif., factory and began building trailers a few weeks ago with 55 workers, slowly paying back debts one at a time, according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

“Everybody is driving with their brakes on,” said CEO and President Brad Williams, referring to the calculated approach the company is taking to increase production and pay suppliers and contact dealerships.

The company isn’t currently hiring or accepting applications, he said.

On Friday (March 26), he had two pages of trailer orders on his desk.

Gary and Dottie Williams, of Hawthorne — no relation to Brad Williams — ordered the company’s Summit travel trailer in April 2009. Nearly a year later, Gary Williams still has a deposit on the trailer through Giant RV and expects it to be delivered soon.

“I didn’t mind waiting,” he said. “If you wait and it’s something you really like, it’s worth the wait.”

Williams shut down MVP RV’s plant in the middle of 2009. Lacking capital, the company first tried merging with competitors and then sought loans from banks. Neither proved successful, so the company went overseas looking for investors.

The company considered bankruptcy, but didn’t want to “go out like that,” said Roger Humeston, CFO and chief administrative officer. Humeston said he explained to investors that the RV industry was bound to “come back with a vengeance.”

While looking for funding for their RV operations, they encountered CT&T, a South Korean firm interested in making small electric vehicles in the Unites States.

The idea of MVP-EV was born. Executives of both companies announced a partnership in September that would have MVP build CT&T’s cars, but not before MVP raised investment capital to reopen the Moreno Valley plant and retrofit the facility to make electric vehicles.

Unable to secure funding, the plan to build CT&T’s vehicles has hit a “plateau,” Williams said. The agreement between the two companies doesn’t preclude CT&T from partnering with another West coast manufacturer, he said.

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#1 Comment By Melinda On July 29, 2010 @ 6:20 pm

MVP RV has 3 of the greatest men that I know behind it. And it WILL prevail and the end of the day. The three men, Roger, Brad and Pablo have put a lot of hard work into this company and want nothing more than for it to succeed. I know that they will work hard everyday and put whatever it takes to make sure it will. They continue to come up with great new and cutting edge ideas to make MVP’s product the new and up and coming thing to have. I am very proud of the three men and what they have made of things. These men had a dream to not let this company just shut down and have worked hard and put more in then many know. They truly have my respect. Anyone should be proud to own an MVP Product it is built with pride and hardwork and from the heart.

#2 Comment By JaycoFanGuy On August 30, 2010 @ 1:23 am

I agree that MPV RV is a new company that hit the ground running, have a collective of Mangement that has like 100 years experience in the RV business, and are completely dedicated to the success of the MPV RV Brand! If you live in SoCal you should make an appointment to tour their factory in Riverside area, it’s an eye opener! 4 new lines of RV Trailers within the 1st year of starting, and these guys invented the newest concept for RV’s, the outside foldout kitchen! Amasing. Go to their website http://www.mvprv.com to check out their lineup. And I’m a big Jayco RV fan, yet I have to say these guys would get my business if I were buying a new trailer!