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Canada’s RV Care Group Membership Hits 49

RV Care Network logoRV Care Group, a Canadian dealership buying cooperative spawned 10 years ago by a Spader 20 Group, has added six locations since January for a total of 49 outlets.

”We cover coast to coast,” said Earl Manning, RV Care Group vice president and general manager. ”If a customer is 2,000 miles away and they have a problem, they can call one of our members and ask if they can help out.”

Bill Redmond, co-owner of Bucars RV Centre in Alberta, is president of RV Care Group, which provides employee health insurance, business products and parts and accessories programs along with retail finance, extended warranties and a private-label roadside assistance program provided to consumers by Coach-Net.

”RV Care Group works as a value to the dealership on two sides,” Manning said, ”The partnership program for the dealerships saves them money with discounts and rebates and on the consumer side there is a strong added-value network of 48 other dealers that can look after customers if they have problems and get them on the road again as quickly as possible. That’s a huge benefit to the retail customer.”

Manning said RV Care Group is in ongoing discussions with various suppliers to more wholesale and retail services.

With regard to service, retail customers from other RV Care dealerships ”are given the highest possible priority when the come into an RV Care dealership,” Manning said.

He said that RV Care Group was initially formed in 2000 by members of a 20-Group who already were providing cooperative service to its members’ customers. ”When you look at RV Care Group members, they are highly respected industry leaders,” Manning said.

Based on population, however, RV Care Group intends to grow no larger than 60 or 70 dealers, Manning reported.

”One of our principles is not to over-populate any one area of the country,” Manning said. ”We want to fill in the gaps, but we want to retain the value of RV Care for those dealers who are already in the group. We don’t want an RV Care dealers on every corner.”

There is no sales threshold for membership; the only requirements are that the dealership provide full service and be open year-round.

RV Care Group members, who recently made international headlines for having donated $80,000 to purchase generators for Haitian earthquake victims, include:

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