Saskatchewan RV Dealer Lobbies to ‘Buy Now’

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April 7, 2010 by   Comments Off on Saskatchewan RV Dealer Lobbies to ‘Buy Now’

TRXRV-17ae3d5Now might be the best time to buy a new trailer or fifth-wheel, says Tom Oakes, owner of TRX RV in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

“Dealers can afford to be probably a little more negotiable right now on a unit and still replace that unit for that rush in June,” Oakes told CJME Radio, Regina. “If people come in a little later on, I don’t have that flexibility, nor do my peers.”

Oakes describes the busy season as a pyramid, saying sales pick up in May, hit a peak in June, and gradually slow down in July. He’s hoping for better things this summer because the recession has taken a bit of a toll on business.

“Not gangbusters like it was a couple years ago, but also still strong enough that we can compare ourselves favouably to other regions of North America,” Oakes says.

TRX usually makes a lot of deals with customers in Alberta. But Oakes says it’s slowed down in the past year with lower incomes in that province.

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