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RVIA Survey: ‘Ambassadors’ A Hit with Consumers

"Back in the Saddle Again" TV spot for Go RVing garners 82% approval rating.

"Back in the Saddle Again" TV spot for Go RVing garners 82% approval rating.

A survey of consumers conducted by Go RVing found that the new Ambassadors of Affordability television commercials are very well-liked and effectively communicate the message that RV vacations are a cost-effective way to spend time with family and friends, according to the current issue of RVIA Today Express.

In order to obtain a preliminary sense of the general reaction to the new campaign, Go RVing emailed a questionnaire to a random sample from its leads database in April, asking questions to gauge the ads’ likeability as well as the clarity and impact of their message. A total of 242 consumers returned the survey for a margin of error of 6 percent.

All four ad spots were very well-liked.

The survey had these findings:

The top reason consumers gave for liking the commercials is that the spots are “entertaining and funny,” according to just under half of respondents. Nineteen percent reported liking the “Ambassadors” ads better than most other TV commercials.

General consumer comments about the spots included, “It really brought a smile to my face — I can’t wait to go RVing,” and “It is cute and friendly and ‘warm and fuzzy’ and makes you feel that camping with the family in an RV is adventurous and fun.”

When asked about the main message of the ads, consumers reported, “that an RV vacation is affordable — more than many others,” and “It’s a great alternative to more expensive vacationing.” And when asked if the campaign inspired them to go RVing, over half responded “yes,” and added statements like, “it shows people having fun and that is the main idea of RVing.” and “it shows that you can go on a vacation with the family and not spend a ton of money.”

Go RVing brand planner John Baker of The Richards Group said of the survey results, “The spots elicited exactly what we hoped for: they were well liked and got people’s attention, they communicated our key strategic messages extremely well, and they make people want to go RVing. I don’t think we could have asked for better results.”

A major ad effectiveness study will be commissioned this summer to further explore the findings of this poll.

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