IDS Goes GUI with Built-in Stag-Parkway Hook

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June 16, 2010 by   Comments Off on IDS Goes GUI with Built-in Stag-Parkway Hook

image003Stag-Parkway Inc has been working with IDS during the development of new Astra GUI Version 9.10.4 release. The new release includes updated connectivity programming that allows RV dealers an improved and more reliable order entry interface through IDS to Stag-Parkway.

“Coordinating the programming hook between STAG and IDS’s new version of our popular dealer management software was a joint strategic initiative,” said Grant Farrer, IDS business development manager, in a news release. “We wanted to make sure our improvements included connectivity to our customers’ supply sources to improve order entry speed and accuracy. We worked closely with the IT Group at Stag-Parkway to insure our platform changes married up with their data requirements to improve information processing.”

“Astra GUI represents the most significant enhancement we’ve ever made to Astra,” Farmer continued. “With a true ‘graphical user interface’ (GUI), Astra GUI redefines efficiency within a dealership. Employing an intuitive design and true ‘point and click’ functionality, Astra GUI is easier to use than ever before. Powerful Manager functions provide the tools needed to manage your departments, all grouped logically to enhance integration and improve operational efficiency. The information you need is now easier to access than ever before!”

Astra GUI has a new, logical layout that speeds up training, virtually eliminating the learning curve that can reduce employee efficiency. With Astra GUI, staff members will be able to leverage the power and productivity of Astra without lengthy (and costly) training. According to Farrer, “Astra Version 9.10.4 is just as powerful and comprehensive as ever — and it’s easier than ever to use efficiently and effectively.”

“The coordination of the IDS release with us is significant in that it recognizes the importance and implications of electronic data transfers throughout the supply chain,” said Ken Russell, CIO at Stag-Parkway. ” The better we can all be at recognizing downstream effects of data capture and release the better we will be at identifying new ways to improve business processes. Seeing the need for dealer/warehouse connectivity during the development of Astra GUI by IDS has insured better product performance and will enhance the customer experience throughout the transaction process.”

More than 30% of all orders received at Stag-Parkway are conducted via and electronic interface of some type. Whether it is through STAG’s B2B site, dealer management software hooks like IDS, or other OAGIS links, the amount of business transacted this way continues to grow. Not only is ordering easier, accuracy and the time it takes to complete the transaction improves dramatically. Between dealer management software and Stag’s B2B site, most day-to-day business can be conducted without ever picking up the phone or using a fax machine.

Technology integration, whether it’s related to inventory management, payroll or contact management, is a good way for RV dealerships to improve efficiencies in their business and provide better service to their customers and bottom line results to their owners.

Dealers interested in learning more about Astra GUI should contact IDS at (800) 769-7425 or go to<>. To find out more about STAG’s on-line order entry and reporting capabilities contact your Stag-Parkway sales consultant.

Stag-Parkway is the largest North American distributor of RV parts and accessories. Headquartered in Atlanta, Stag-Parkway operates 11 warehouses, five call centers and a technical call center providing next day service to over 92% of the continental United States. For more information visit

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