RV Hookups Coming Back to Yellowstone N.P.

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June 29, 2010 by   1 Comment

Fishing Bridge Campground, Yellowstone National Park.

Fishing Bridge RV Park, Yellowstone National Park.

Electrical service at Fishing Bridge RV Park at Yellowstone National Park could be back this fall after Xanterra and the National Park Service came to an agreement over upgrades to the 40-year-old electrical system; some upgrades could be done later this year, with the rest completed for 2012, according to the Yellowstone Insider.

There are over 300 campsites at the Fishing Bridge facility. The Fishing Bridge RV Park is one of five campgrounds in Yellowstone operated by Xanterra Parks & Resorts under a concession contract with the National Park Service. It is the only campground in the park with hook-ups, and only hard-sided vehicles are allowed there. All sites are available by advance reservation.

After the RV park closed for the season last fall, an assessment revealed that the electrical service had exceeded its useful life and in some locations had deteriorated to a point where the continued use of electrical hook-ups would pose an unacceptable risk to visitors. The decision was made this winter to stop providing electrical hook-ups for RVs until upgrades could be made.

Planning, compliance and design efforts are underway on a project to restore electrical service to all the sites in the RV park. Work to install new electrical service to the first 100 sites is anticipated to begin later this year. It is not known when the first sites with restored electrical service will be available for reservation and use. The goal is to upgrade the electrical service in all 346 sites in the RV park in time for the start of the 2012 season.

Individuals making reservations for the Fishing Bridge RV Park this year are being advised to reserve a site which will allow a generator if they desire electrical service. To minimize the noise impact of generators, some sites will not allow generators and the RV park has established a policy which prohibits the use of generators between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.

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One Response to “RV Hookups Coming Back to Yellowstone N.P.”

  1. Candace on August 11th, 2010 12:27 pm

    It is good to see Yellowstone upgrading the worn out electrical services. If more state parks would do the same – however they have to accomplish it – there would be more visitors.

    Many families are using RV’s for their family vacations, but we have found that too many of the parks west of the Mississippi do not have adequate services and activities to encourage repeat visits. There are hundreds of thousands of acres under the state and Ntl park system in the US, but very limited usefulness for modern RVers, unless your RV is solar powered and you are VERY frugal with water use.

    If it takes leasing to a corporate entity like Xanterra to raise the revenue so that improvements to 40 year old systems can be done, that is better than shutting them down and spending even more tax dollars to “secure” the un-used properties from vandalism. I’d rather see a US company lease the concessions than the parks be sold off to foreign investors.

    We enjoy the great outdoors – in the comfort of our RV. At 55 and 50, sleeping in a tent on the ground is no longer “fun” for us. We’d rather have the security and comfort a small RV provides, yet we still want to be as close to natural surroundings as we can get. NOT on paved RV spots with fencing separating us from the RV adjoining in an “RV resort”.