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China Holding 1st RV Rally and Camping Show

A Chinese-made Class C motorhome.

A Chinese-made Class C motorhome.

The China RVing & Camping Rally 2010 and RV Camping Show, to be held Aug. 6-8 in Beijing, is sponsored by 21RV (www.21RV.com), which provides the RVers, RV enthusiasts and camping fans a place to enjoy and share RVing and camping together.

Following is a news release provided to RVBUSINESS.com to promote the event:

“Holding this rally is to sound the industry’s horn assembly, to gather the RVers, RV lovers, campers dispersed in different regions of China, who are at this moment in little quantity, RV manufacturers and sellers miles apart having little chance to be together to talk deeply in detail together, to present the RV and camping industry in group in front of the public in an unprecedented large scale. So that the industry will be more known and get more attention from the public and the government, further more, make the whole industry develop more quickly and better, and finally the complete and mature industry chain formed.

“What should be pointed out is that the RV and camping show during the rally is different from the ordinary ones. Visitors here can not only see the RV products and camping goods, but also look at how people use those products and what RVing and camping life can be. Show in this way is indeed the first time ever and it’s a wonderful chance for the enterprises to let their products and brands known. Until now, it’s estimated that there will be tens of RVs shown.

Chinese RVers enjoying some of the sights in their country.

Chinese RVers enjoying some of the sights in their country.

“Meanwhile, 21RV will organize a seminar for the RV manufacturers, sellers to analyze the market, talk about and solve the difficulties the industry faces, share producing and sale experience, exchange the understanding and realization of the industry, forecast the future of the industry. What’s the most important, to let the companies know each other, complement each other’s advantages, and get better cooperation.

“Right now, RV and camping companies lack of contact and interchange. Each of them is look for development alone. It’s known that the development of an industry can not be realized unless the strength is unified. At present, RV and camping industry doesn’t receive enough attention from the society. Transportation laws and regulations are obscure, trailers cannot get plate easily, campgrounds and RV parks are rare to see. Chinese RV and camping industry has quite a long way to go to catch the ones in Europe and the U.S.. It’s believed that this rally will gather most of the people from this industry to form a large team, to make people realize and know and get into this kind of travel sooner. So this industry can grow bigger, more and more people can enjoy RVing and camping, the enterprises can enjoy the development earlier.

“This rally will be held in Beijing RV Exposition Center, which is a store that has all kinds of RVs, RV parts and accessories, and camping goods and equipments. The main area for this rally is more than 200 acres. It has quiet and beautiful environment, is covered by grass and trees. People can fish in more than four pools. In order to meet life needs during the show, 21RV has reached agreement to hotels and restaurants to provide services of high standard to the attendees.

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