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Damon Avanti: ‘Wine Tasting Salon on Wheels’

Carlo and Dante with their Avanto motorhome

Carlo and Dante Mondavi with their Avanto motorhome

Carlo and Dante Mondavi of Continuum Estate have taken to the open road to release their 2007 Continuum wine in the all new 2010 Avanti 2806 motorhome, which is built on the new Freightliner MC-L front engine diesel chassis.

They have turned the Avanti into their “wine tasting salon on wheels” and have christened it the Continuum Grand Cru-zer, according to a news release. Carlo said, “The upscale interior design of this new Avanti provides the perfect ambience to relax, unwind and enjoy a glass of Continuum. Great wine is about all the elements coming together like this. It’s bringing a small piece of Napa Valley on the road.”

Matt Thompson, Damon Motor Coach vice president and general manager, said, “Teaming up with Continuum Wines to launch our new Avanti powered by Cummins is a perfect match. The beautiful styling and sleek design wraps around the all new Freightliner MC-L chassis powered by Cummins. The new power plant provides a much smoother and unbelievably quiet ride. At 28 feet, this new 2806 model provides as much counter space and interior storage as most 40-foot diesel pushers.  Others have tried to copy but none will ever match Avanti’s unique design and luxurious amenities. It is pure luxury on wheels.”

The MC-L chassis, designed with low-profile frame rails, sits lower to the ground which enhances aerodynamics and ride quality. Powered by the Cummins ISB 6.7-liter engine with up to 200 hp and 520 ft-lb. of torque, it provides an excellent balance of power and up to 70% more fuel efficiency than comparable gas engines. Increased dampening in the design of the engine, combined with the double insulated engine cover, restricts road and engine noise creating a more comfortable travel environment.

Some say that seeing is believing but with the 2806 Avanti, driving is believing. Carlo and Dante can attest to its quietness and improved ride. “I have never driven such a comfortable vehicle,” Carlo said. The aerodynamic design of the front cap includes a gigantic one piece windshield that, according to Carlo, its “like sitting in the living room and watching the world pass by on the big screen but static free; it’s so beautiful and wonderfully quiet.”

“Flying these days is not easy for work, let alone with wine and corkscrews. The Avanti RV allows us to travel with our wine safely while enjoying a lifestyle and level of luxury that is unbeatable,” they stated in the release. “There have been numerous events around the country since they started their journey in March, which has helped garner much interest and enthusiasm for the 2007 vintage; now completely sold out. There are many more events on the horizon where Carlo and Dante will tell the Continuum story building excitement for the release of the 2008 vintage next spring.”

Since the start of their Continuum Grand Cru-zing this year the boys have been in Houston at the famed Tony’s, Dallas at the Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, San Antonio at Il Sogno, Tulsa at Lucky’s Restaurant and Los Angeles where the Cru-zer held court at the Mutineer Magazine party in Hollywood. Next month will find them in Rancho Palas Verdes, Calif., for the Trump Golf Wine and Food Festival, while in August Portland, Seattle and the Northwest will welcome them before they hit the Las Vegas strip in mid-September.

Since the release of the 2005 vintage, Continuum has quickly come to be recognized among the finest in Napa Valley.

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