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Navistar Asking Regulators for SCR Recall

Navistar Inc. has urged U.S. and California environmental regulators to recall 2010-compliant heavy-duty truck engines using selective catalytic reduction (SRC) emissions technology that the company claims can be defeated by drivers, Transport Topics reported.

In its attack on competitors’ solutions to the 2010 EPA emissions regulations, Navistar said all 2010 SCR engines are “programmed to run without diesel emissions fluid, with the wrong fluid, with slush or frozen DEF or with the system disconnected.”

The recall request was made in a 41-page comment letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in response to the agency’s plan to conduct a “thorough review” of its SCR guidance.

EPA’s review plan was published in the Federal Register as part of a court settlement earlier in August in which Navistar agreed to drop its federal lawsuit.

Navistar is the only manufacturer using exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) rather than SCR to meet 2010 emissions standards.

At the same time it has pursued legal action, Navistar has engaged in a verbal feud with competitors using SCR, claiming the technology is inferior.

In response, Daimler Trucks North America said in a widely distributed letter to the trucking industry that Navistar ”intentionally confused customers with fear-mongering, deception and distraction.”

Annette Hebert, chief of the California Air Resources Board’s mobile source division, said they were satisfied that SCR is a viable technology. Nevertheless, the agency plans to develop its own SCR requirements beginning with the 2011 models.

“We’re looking at shortening the mileage or hours in which a vehicle could operate without urea, by using water, or by tampering with the system,” Hebert said.

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