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Video Highlights Canada’s RV Care Network

imageRV Care, Canada’s largest RV dealer network, recently launched a new marketing campaign centered around a video presenting the benefits of buying from an RV Care dealer.

“Introducing the concept of a national service network for traveling RV Care customers is one of our key objectives” Earl Manning, vice president of the RV Care network, stated in a news release. “Finding new and interesting ways to present our message is important for our continued development.”

The new video is featured on the RV Care website, www.rvcare.ca, as well as being on the social media website YouTube.

RV Care dealers will use the video in their dealerships, at shows and on their websites to educate their customers and build the value of buying from an RV Care dealer. Combined with other tools provided to the dealers by RV Care, such as brochures, posters, decals, banners and lanyards, the video will reinforce the message and provide additional information that cannot always be captured in print.

“Our consumer research has confirmed that RVers see great value in the RV Care service network,” Manning continued. “They also told us that before they make a purchase they like to gather their information from the salespeople as well as other sources – with online being the fastest growing resource. The video is excellent for this, and, as an added benefit, it’s an excellent training tool for salespeople and other staff working in RV Care dealerships who have a great deal of information to learn and share with their customers.”

RV Care is a network of 49 independent RV dealers across Canada who work together to look after their traveling customers. The group also works with select partner suppliers who provide branded products, services and special RV Care programs that benefit both the RV Care dealers and their customers.

To locate an RV Care dealer, click here.

For more information contact Manning at (604) 882-2551 or e-mail him at earl@rvcare.ca.

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