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Elkhart Campers Inn Seeing Strong Traffic

Watch today’s Featured Video, courtesy of WSBT-TV, South Bend, Ind., about the following story on the new Campers Inn RV dealership in Elkhart, Ind.

There are more positive signs for Elkhart’s RV industry. A new dealership has recently opened its doors, and business is booming.

Before the economy took a turn for the worse, there were nearly a dozen RV dealerships in Elkhart. Now there are four, including the new dealership: Campers Inn.

Linda Herriott and her husband are in the market for a new RV.

“Well, we are looking for something we can live in full-time. Something that has got all the amenities,” Herriott said.

And they are not the only potential buyers out there. Just ask Tom Dewalt. “Business has been surprisingly strong. We have had a lot of traffic,” Dewalt said.

Dewalt is the location manager for Campers Inn, which just opened in July. Managers there have been keeping tabs on the number of customers, and last Saturday there were too many to count.

“It just says ‘Too many.’ We were just unable to keep up, so it just says ‘Too many.’ It was a crazy day,” said Dewalt as he displayed a customer log book.

Dewalt is certainly not complaining. In fact, on that Saturday, Campers Inn sold nine RVs. Dewalt said it could be a sign the industry is starting to rebound.

“I think the industry really bottomed out and is on its way back up,” he said. “I am not sure it is going to be a steep climb, but we will take it as we can get it, and we have been very happy with what we have been seeing so far.”

Dewalt said five more RVs were sold on Tuesday. And while he is cautiously optimistic a recovery is on the way, not every buyer who walks through the door is ready to spend money.

“We are just looking right now, probably won’t buy for a while,” said on browsing customer.

But at least they are looking.

Dewalt said Campers Inn has six locations around the nation and Elkhart’s sales numbers rank in the middle, which he says is pretty good for a brand new business.

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