Beaudry RV Explains Temporary Shutdown

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October 4, 2010 by   3 Comments

Beaudry RV Co. announced on Friday (Oct. 1) that it has temporarily suspended operations at both the Tucson and Chandler, Ariz.,  retail stores to continue the ongoing turnaround project presently underway.

On Sept. 15, a group of investors, Beaudry RV USA, LLC, BRV Properties LCC and Beaudry Main Street LLC, led by Greg Harrington and Peter Workum, completed a series of transactions to acquire Beaudry RV properties and operating companies, according to a news release.

Workum has extensive experience in managing startup, turnaround and distressed companies. Harrington brings a real estate, investment and capital restructuring skillset to the Beaudry Group of companies.

In addition, Dundee D. Kelbel and Scott Beaudry were asked to provide the companies with RV industry, retail and historical experience. Scott Beaudry is a fourth generation Beaudry committed to continue the family legacy in both the Tucson and Phoenix markets. Kelbel has over 15 years of strategic industry experience in manufacturing, retail, operations and financial matters.

“The restructuring of Beaudry RV, after years of difficult market, economic and operating conditions requires extensive financial restructuring and refinancing along with the judicious reorganization and deployment of the companies capital and assets. In addition, the establishment of a sustainable corporate strategy, disciplined budgeting and controlled spending will all be critical to the success of the Beaudry Group during the turn around effort. This project is not without substantial risk and will see ultimate success of failure based primarily upon the quality and quantity of the efforts of all those involved,” the release stated.

In the case of the Beaudry RV, the existing turn-around effort is impossible to continue as it exists today within the limits established by Beaudry’s current legal situation, the RV market and our current budget constraints, the release continued.

Reconditioning at the previous Main Street Location is nearly complete and the intent is to reopen that store by Oct. 30. Beaudry’s Tucson store is expected to reopen before the end of 2010. The body shop and RV resort will remain open and a small group of employees will be retained on a contract basis to work with the new ownership during the restructuring to prepare for the next generation of Beaudry RV.

“This is a difficult time for all in the Beaudry family of employees. However, Beaudry RV intends to re-emerge, fit, financially sound and ready to retake a position as a leader in the RV Industry. There are no guarantees that the effort will succeed, however news will be forthcoming regarding future progress and return to operations,” the release concluded.

For more information on Beaudry RV Company or current trends in the industry contact Scott Beaudry at (520) 239-5054.

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3 Responses to “Beaudry RV Explains Temporary Shutdown”

  1. Michael Forsyth on October 4th, 2010 10:34 am

    On Sept 15, 2010 my wife and I signed a contract to purchase a consignment motorhome at Beaudry in Chandler AZ. They are still holding $50,00.00 dollars of our money and there has been no effort on their side to return money or go ahead with vehicle purchase. What a mess and we have no where to talk to them, all of their locations are closed. No one will answer the phone calls we suggest after being treated like this, that everyone stay away from this company. As of today Oct 4,
    we still have heard nothing and do not know where to get our money.

  2. JOE on October 4th, 2010 4:39 pm

    Michael call AZ MVD and go after their bond. Do it quick before everyone lines up to get their piece.

  3. Arthur Moore on October 4th, 2010 11:17 pm


    My heart goes out to you and your wife. I just wonder if you might have a case, as your contract is for the purchase of a “consignment motorhome”?

    Michael, get in touch with a lawyer immediately, and take you contract with you!

    I wish you good luck Michael.

    Regards,………….Arthur Moore