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Big Rigs Best Bets online edition logo

Big Rigs Best Bets online edition logo

As they approach the 11th year of publishing their annual Big Rigs Best Bets Campground Directory, co-authors Ken and Ellie Hamill have announced the release of their online version which incorporates the same detailed content of the 474-page book.

“Not sacrificing any content, ensuring easy navigation, RV park and advertiser linkage, compatibility to all computers including the wave of new iPad-type tablets and smart phone devices were the most challenging aspects of the project,” Ken Hamill, president, stated in a news release. Subsequently, Big Rigs partnered with Website Forge, a 17-year-old firm based in Michigan.

The utilization of the Website Forge platform is a perfect fit for the Big Rigs project and is a customized application to facilitate search engine visibility for their e-commerce website, Hamill continued. As the president of Website Forge, Shane Merem related, “Our team designed, formatted and programmed a user friendly product with simplicity and speed while providing the RVers with the accurate and concise information they are expecting. In fact, not only can the RVer link to and browse the park websites, the smart phone users can also click on the RV park’s highlighted phone number and be directly connected to the park’s reservation desk.”

Since 2001 Big Rigs Best Bets has focused on the segment of the RV market which includes those RVers with the most leisure time to travel, those who travel greater distances and those with the most discretionary income for RV travel and RV related products. Hamill concluded, “virtually all of our readers are forty years and older with the vast majority being fifty years old and upwards. Our new online version now allows them to access our publication in its entirety from anywhere they have internet access and on any type of electronic device.”

Visit the company’s website at

To contact Ken and Ellie Hamill phone (830) 792-9170 or e-mail

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