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Pinnacle Park Homes Notes 15% 2010 Growth

Tall ines Campground, one of the parks featuring park models built by Pinnacle Park Homes

Tall Pines Campground, one of the parks featuring park models built by Pinnacle Park Homes

Pinnacle Park Homes reported a 15% increase in sales for 2010.

“With the increase in sales we have added to our workforce twice this year to keep up with demand,” Randy Stewart Jr., owner of the Ochlocknee, Ga.-based park model manufacturer, stated in a news release. “This increase in sales and employees is even more astronomical given the strong 2009 Pinnacle Park Homes had as well. Unlike so many other manufacturers, we did not eliminate jobs or need to restructure. In fact, Pinnacle Park Homes was actually profitable in 2009, but has certainly seen an even better 2010 with no sign of a slowdown coming.”

“This year we have developed new floorplans, put rebates in place and obtained new financing sources to be able to give our clients exactly what they need,” said Andy Davis, sales manager. “The campground industry has certainly seen an increase in demand for park model homes and camping cabins. This year we have seen an increase in the number of parks that are adding cabins for the very first time. When they see just how simple it is to add rental cabins combined with how quickly they pay for themselves, campground owners are asking why did they wait so long.”

Some campground owners are also planning ahead for next year and taking advantage of possible tax deductible purchases for this year.  “We have some clients that are placing their order now but are requesting next year delivery,” said Davis. “Planning ahead is the key and we are definitely seeing a lot of that going on right now.”

For more information call (866) 574-5159 or visit them on the web at www.pinnacleparkhomes.com

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