ARVC President/CEO Profaizer Says Farewell

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November 3, 2010 by   Comments Off on ARVC President/CEO Profaizer Says Farewell

Linda Profaizer

Linda Profaizer

Editor’s Note: Linda Profaizer, retiring president and CEO of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), shared her parting comments in the ARVC Report, which was distributed Tuesday (Nov. 2) on the Internet. Those comments follow.

This is my last official message in the ARVC Report as President of ARVC. I can’t believe that 10 years has passed since I joined the association and have spent 40 years total working in this wonderful industry. The years have flown by and each year has been exciting and filled with new things – I can truly say never a dull moment!

I have met many great people over the years and can’t say enough about all of you park owners and managers. I really admire and respect you for your chosen avocation of owning/managing an RV park or campground. You wear many hats – I think at one time I counted 27. I learned this early on from so many of you in the industry. One of the best experiences I had over the years was working in a park and seeing first-hand what you go through on a daily basis. Of course it was like grandparents with grandchildren – at the end of the week, I got to go home!

I truly believe this industry is special – everyone is very sharing which is unusual in competitive businesses. You are the life blood of the RV industry. You provide the fun and the experience that RVers and campers have and ultimately help determine if they will stay in the lifestyle. You are that important link to the consumer.

If I’ve learned anything over these 40 years, it is that it’s constantly a challenge to stay on top of trends, to provide what your customer wants. I do know the fallacy in the theory “if you build it they will come.” Maybe that worked in the Iowa ball field, but not in reality. It takes lots of hard work and marketing. There are so many ways to market and you have to try them all to determine what works the best for you.

Ten years running this association is enough. It’s time to let new blood in and take the association to the next level. It has truly been a great experience. I’ve had wonderful chairmen and boards to work with and have learned so much.

Don’t be surprised if you see Tony and me traveling the highways and byways. I mentioned something about a fifth-wheel and he jumped on that, having wanted a diesel truck for many years. I’m “retiring” from association life, but certainly not from life. There’s a big world out there and a lot more to be done.

My very best wishes to all of you. We have a wonderful staff at ARVC and they continue to work hard on your behalf. Soon you will have a new president/CEO and I know that the ARVC board will choose the very best person for the job.

I hope to see many of you at the InSites Convention and Outdoor Hospitality Expo. Come for the learning, come to see current and new vendors, come for the sharing of information, come for the fun – but by all means come!

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