Excel Spotlights 13 Notable Films About RVs

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November 1, 2010 by   Comments Off on Excel Spotlights 13 Notable Films About RVs

In the tumultuous world of Hollywood, it’s hard not to admire steadfast stars that transcend genre and improve with age – even if those stars aren’t actually actors.

The RV has been a cinematic staple since the mid-’50s and Excel Distributors, the online purveyors of RV mattresses, honors the best film performances of an RV in their latest roundup, “Starring the RV: Cinema and the Illustrious Career of the Recreational Vehicle,” according to a news release. Thirteen films feature the RV in 13 very different roles — Excel breaks it down by genre and discovers that whether it’s a Winnebago or Fleetwood, the RV is the lynchpin that ties this collection together.

“The RV has had an amazing cinematic career,” says Scott Oster, general manager of Excel Distributors. “It has rolled onscreen in both starring and supporting roles in nearly every film genre and the tank has never hit empty. Actors should be so lucky.”

Starring the RV showcases 13 films ranging from Lucille Ball’s 1953 slapstick “The Long, Long Trailer” to the 2008 introspective documentary “A Finished Life” – and everything in-between. Excel classified the 13 movies by the RV’s function in each: as a comedic device, for example, or to propel a horror story, or to display different levels of wealth.

The vast range of the RVs starring roles is what makes Excel’s roundup so remarkable.

“Take the RVs in the movie ‘RV’,” explained Oster. “You get absurd car chases, an RV perched on a cliff, an RV sinking in a lake – it’s pure comedy. On the other hand, the RV plays a vital role in the very un-funny slasher-film, ‘Motorhome Massacre.’ Two very different movies – two equally great RV performances.”

Click here to read “Starring the RV: Cinema and the Illustrious Career of the Recreational Vehicle” and see the entire list of RV 13 movies.

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