Newell Adds EasiSteer System to ‘12 Models

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December 17, 2010 by   Comments Off on Newell Adds EasiSteer System to ‘12 Models

Newell Coach Corp. announced that its new EasiSteer steering system will be standard on all new Newell motorcoach deliveries beginning in July 2011. According to a release from the Miami, Okla.-based luxury coach manufacturer, the new system also will be available as a retrofit option on all 2012 models delivered before July 2011.

Developed by Newell Coach in partnership with TRW Automotive, EasiSteer not only improves the steering ease and handling of the Newell but it also offers a level of comfort, stability and safety that was previously unobtainable in motorcoaches of this size.

“EasiSteer is the most significant advance in large-vehicle steering precision and driver comfort since hydraulic power steering was introduced decades ago,” said Newell President Karl Blade.

The new system achieves its advanced effects by continuously adjusting pull compensation for the road’s crown and side winds. It significantly reduces the amount of steering effort required while increasing the amount of self-centering feedback that is provided to the driver. The result is a new combination of very low steering effort and increased straight-line stability. The system is said to give the Newell a feel that is comparable to a luxury car.

“EasiSteer is used in combination with Newell’s state-of-the-art steering tag axle and rear-axle steering,” said Pete Peterson, Newell’s EasiSteer project engineer. “This enables the vehicle to execute tight turns easily and with a high degree of driver comfort that other vehicles of similar size can’t match. We’ve achieved a new level of driving ease and handling in the luxury motorhome industry.”

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