RV Resort Sells 1st ADA-Friendly Park Model

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December 30, 2010 by   Comments Off on RV Resort Sells 1st ADA-Friendly Park Model

Entrance to the Toutle River RV resort's first ADA-friendly park model. Photo taken from the resort's Flickr site.

Entrance to the Toutle River RV Resort's first ADA-friendly park model. Photo appears on the resort's Flickr site.

Toutle River RV Resort’s park model sales division in Castle Rock, Wash., just sold its first ADA-friendly park model after getting recent approval of the home plans from the state of Washington.5100089595_0f7ed91f25_m

“We now have these homes available for sale to the general public or to RV parks looking to start or expand their park model rental program and considering offering an ADA-friendly home in their park,” resort owner Charlie Curry stated in a news release.

“This home was designed with two things in mind, first and foremost, we wanted a park model that was truly wheelchair-friendly and, secondly, we wanted a home that could be rented to both people with special needs well as family’s looking for a vacation rental. We also kept future resale in mind as well.

“When one enters this home their is nothing that stands out alerting you that this is a home designed with wheelchair access in mind. Here’s what we did, we changed every door in the home and all interior doors as well as exterior door are 36 inches wide. We put a 10-foot deck on the home with openings in the railing for both steps and a separate wheelchair ramp, the bathroom is enormous and features a 48-inch, one-piece fiberglass shower. Both roll in and step in showers are available. The bathroom also features an ADA-compliant toilet and large linen closet. We used a vanity although a wall hung ADA wash basin is available as a no charge upgrade if desired.”

The bedroom is very large by park model standards and features a closet that is 9 feet wide with large roll-out storage drawers underneath the closet. Sovereign plank flooring was used throughout the entire home for both ease of maintenance and ease of rolling a wheelchair over, he noted.

“The end product turned out fantastic, its a very roomy home, the kitchen is a bit on the smaller side, although it does feature a large pantry next to the refrigerator. An expanded full U shaped kitchen can be ordered if the customer desires,” Curry said.

Curry added in a follow-up report: I wanted to state that our park model is ADA friendly, not compliant. The ADA actually has no jurisdiction over recreational vehicles; a park model in Washington is licensed as an RV. In designing this home we took into consideration what the ADA would require if they did have jurisdiction and went from there. This park model for instance has a 72-inch diameter circle in front of the toilet. ADA asks for only 60 inches. We used 36-inch pocket doors and a 36-inch front door as well. The entire home including the full kitchen can be accessed in a large wheelchair. The porch has openings for both ramp and steps, We did not put lever style door knobs on this home because the customer did not want them. As far as I know, this home is fully ADA friendly and the ADA approved our using the international symbol in conjunction with this product even though it does not specifically fall under their jurisdiction.

“I am now working on designing an ADA friendly loft park model. The loft will not be accessible in a wheel chair but all other areas will be. I assume that their are people that may be restricted to a wheelchair that would still desire a loft park model. I hope to have that design done within the next couple of weeks,” he added.

This home could be furnished to sleep six with two futons in the living room and a queen bed in the bedroom.

The resort has a Flickr page at which features photos of the model.

Curry said he will be happy to share details on this home with any park considering adding some ADA-friendly homes or as a licensed park model dealer will be happy to assist in the purchase of these homes. Some great financing options are also available through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for parks considering adding multiple rental units to their park.

For further details call (360) 274-8373 and ask for Charlie Curry.

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