Atwood Features Lighted Entry Door System

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January 4, 2011 by   Comments Off on Atwood Features Lighted Entry Door System

Atwood's lighted entry door

Atwood's lighted entry door

Atwood Mobile Products introduces the ILLUMIdoor lighted entry door system. This patent-pending system casts an amber light over the entry door area, providing a better view as you enter or exit the coach in the dark of night, according to a news release. ILLUMIdoor incorporates a strip of amber-colored LED lights mounted flush into the drip cap at the top of the door. Installation is the same as a traditional drip cap and requires only a few screws. The lights run off of 12-volt power, making ILLUMIdoor as easy to hook up as a traditional 12-volt light. Wires are hidden in the channels of the trim for a clean and finished look. The LED or Light Emitting Diode lights used in the ILLUMIdoor offer a longer life, minimal power draw and generate a vibrant light. And since the lights are amber in color they won’t attract bugs like a traditional white light. Atwood is the only full line manufacturer of entry doors for all types of Recreational Vehicles. ILLUMIdoor is available exclusively on Atwood doors. For more information visit (

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