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Dicor Corp. Unveils New Vixen ‘Panelogics’

Vixen Composites display at National RV Trade Show

Vixen Composites display at National RV Trade Show

While Dicor Corp. executives had freely discussed the company’s new Vixen composite panel technology for several months leading up to the National RV Trade Show, they had steadfastly refused to unveil the new sidewall prior to the annual trade show. Not surprisingly, the buzz surrounding the new panels created quite a crowd at the Dicor Corp. exhibit inside Louisville’s Kentucky Exposition Center.

“We haven’t necessarily reinvented anything,” Gordon Frost, general manager of Dicor Corp.’s new Vixen Composites division, told RVBUSINESS.COM. “Perhaps a better description would be that we’ve enhanced existing technologies and combined technologies together into what we call ‘panelogics.’ The process is all custom-designed; there’s nothing quite like it out there.”

According to Frost, one very distinguishing feature of the Vixen product is that the company has worked tirelessly to ‘design out’ the potential for human error in production.

“The amount of control and automation that we’ve applied is phenomenal,” he noted. “We do have employees, but we’ve tried to keep employee ‘touch’ down to basically loading raw materials and unloading the finished product. It’s a highly technical manufacturing process.”

“First,” added Dicor President Gregg Fore, “we don’t use any wood. Not all of the products in use today use wood, but many do. All (of them) that we’re aware of use a seamed substrate, where there’s a seam every four feet. Those seams have a tendency to visibly show through in certain situations — especially where there’s a drastic temperature variation between hot and cold — where substrates butted up to one another.

“We hope, by producing a more homogenized panel, to eliminate that, or at least to decrease it considerably.”

Vixen sidewalls, by the same token, supposedly aren’t as susceptible to high temperatures or darker colors. “Today’s (other available) products have served their customers very well,” he added. “But as the customers used them, they noted some shortcomings. We’ve worked with the customer to address those, and we expect that our product will provide better and longer-term cosmetics on the exterior of an RV.”

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