Dometic’s LW3000 Plus: Power on the Road

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January 12, 2011 by   Comments Off on Dometic’s LW3000 Plus: Power on the Road


Dometic LW3000 Plus

The new LW3000 Plus portable digital inverter/gasoline generator from Dometic is the solution for a reliable power supply on the road. This model is more lightweight and efficient than other models and can run up to 10 hours, depending on the load, according to a news release. “Our new inverter/generator is 24% lighter than other models, and the Smart Throttle system automatically adjusts the engine to run at the right RPM required to power the load, so it’s more energy-efficient,” explained Brad Sargent, vice president of sales and marketing. “Plus you won’t disturb your family and neighbors because the air-cooled four-stroke engine is quieter.” Safety features of the LW3000 Plus include an engine oil alert system that automatically stops the engine before oil levels can fall below safe limits, plus sine wave technology for a safe, consistent power flow to sensitive electronic devices like computers. It stands up to tough environments with a high-impact outer casing and is easily transported with sturdy wheels and an ergonomic pull handle. Other features include two AC outlets and one DC outlet, a DC circuit breaker, overload indicator and output indicator. “Our engineers created the alternator to produce high-voltage multiphase AC power, which is then transformed to DC power and converted by the inverter back to controlled, even AC power,” Sargent said. “So we have a lightweight, portable, fuel-efficient inverter/generator that can perform in any environment and provide reliable power for extended periods of time. It’s a great tool to have on hand.” For more information, visit or call Sargent at (574) 294-2511.

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