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Polk Launches ‘Mark’s RV Garage’ on Web

RV Education 101, a video and RV consumer information company, is scheduled to launch the first episode of “Mark’s RV Garage”  today (Feb. 7).

Go to http://rvconsumer.com/ to view the first episode of “Mark’s RV Garage.”

Mark Polk, video producer and founder of the long standing RV Education 101 instructional video series and RV training materials, explained the new show like this in a news release, “We have been producing RV how-to videos and video downloads for a long time now. We understand the RV consumer wants information on specific RV topics and that they want it now. With today’s technology, the most effective method for delivering what the RV consumer wants is through an RV how-to Internet TV program.

“On average I get asked 15 or more questions per week on RV how-to topics. For years I have responded to these questions by e-mail. We plan to use “Mark’s RV Garage” as the new venue for answering these RV consumer questions, and to provide quality how-to content the RV consumer is interested in learning more about.”

“Mark’s RV Garage” will feature RV product reviews, RV product installations, EZ RV upgrade projects, a vintage trailer restoration project, RV destination spot, RV trivia and more as the show progresses.

Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUM0yxAn6QY to see a video promoting this new program.

Dawn Polk added, “Current episodes of the show will be announced through our RV consumer site (tagged as ‘The Ultimate RV Education Center’) while we work on additional distribution channels to increase viewing options for the audience. ‘Mark’s RV Garage’ is designed to provide the RV consumer with the RV training and education they want, when they want it.

“The episodes will be archived for easy retrieval and viewing at the consumer’s leisure. RV education 101 is proud to offer RV consumers this new Internet-based how-to show as an educational addition to our other comprehensive online RV training programs. RV Education 101 has helped educate more than a quarter of a million RV enthusiasts over the past decade.”

To get more information on DVDs or online RV training programs contact Dawn Polk at (910) 484-7615 or e-mail dawn@rveducation101.com.

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