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February 18, 2011 by   Comments Off on RVDA Statement on Site

Editor’s Note: The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) has released the following statement about the website, whose sponsors say they’ll begin soon to post RV prices on their website.

RVDA is aware of the website. According to media reports, the proposed site is owned by former boat manufacturer executives. The company has stated it plans to include RV information on its site.

As the National RV Dealers Association, RVDA contends that RVs should not be sold like commodities, with a customer’s buying decision limited to price considerations. There is so much more to a successful RV dealer and RV customer relationship. Unlike automobile dealers, RV dealer agreements and RV franchise laws do not always require RV dealers to perform warranty work on all of a manufacturer’s vehicles under warranty. Customers who purchase an RV based solely on price may find they must travel to the selling dealership’s location to have warranty work performed ā€“ assuming that selling dealer’s location maintains a service department ā€“ or they are placed at the back of the warranty service line until the local dealership has taken care of all its buying customers.

It is important for everyone in the RV industry to note that invoice pricing information is sometimes addressed as confidential information in RV dealer and RV manufacturer dealer agreements. Sharing confidential information with a third party could be a breach of the RV dealer agreement and lead to termination of the dealer agreement for cause. RVDA urges dealers to review their dealer agreements and state laws on this issue. Many states prohibit or restrict a motor vehicle dealer’s ability to directly or indirectly advertise “invoice prices” since they conclude this advertising may be deceptive to the buying public.

RVDA has long fought for fair and equitable treatment of its dealer members, and there is much that can appropriately be done together. But as RVDA stated earlier this month, these efforts have been undertaken with the clear understanding that the relationships between dealers and joint actions by dealers regarding vehicle pricing against suppliers and competitors are rife with serious and complex legal implications. For this reason, RVDA’s activities are closely monitored by experienced legal counsel to protect both the association and its members.

Before an RV dealer or an RV manufacturer shares invoice price information with third parties for publication, we urge dealers and manufacturers to review their dealer agreements, and any related state laws.

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