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Stag’s Denver Operation Open for Business

Opening new Denver facility

Opens new Denver facility

Stag-Parkway’s new Denver warehouse is officially open for business, the Atlanta-based RV distributor reports.

After Carter Distributing withdrew from the Salt Lake City and Denver, Col., markets in January, Stag expanded its product and service offerings into those markets, reports Martin Street, president and CEO.

“In less than two weeks after taking control of Carter’s assets in Denver, we began shipping and receiving products,” said Street. “When you consider that we had to install phones, data links and computers, take a physical inventory, receive goods from Carter’s former Salt Lake facility and train new personnel on our systems and culture – we’ve done a lot in a short amount of time.”

“During this process,’ he continued, “it’s been very rewarding to watch the project unfold and witness the cooperative and open spirit from the Carter employees we hired and the new Rocky Mountain customers we are working with. It has validated for me that this was absolutely the right business move to make.”

The new Stag-Parkway warehouse, with 27,000 square feet of storage space for roughly 6,000 items in addition to a leased 27,000-square-foot facility next door, is close to the major area freight carriers, according to Tom Seath, senior vice president of operations.

“The current facility already has about 60% of the key items that we like to stock in inventory,” he stated. “By the end of March, the construction and re-racking of the facility will accommodate more than 12,000 items, which will represent well over 95% of all the items we ship out of a customer’s primary distribution center. That should make Denver a terrific parts hub for us and provide exceptional service to dealers in that region.”

Staff hiring and training began the last week in January and included operations and sales personnel that came to Stag from Carter. “Bringing key personnel on board that are familiar with the customer’s needs in the Rockies was an important consideration as we began the process of opening up the Denver warehouse,” adds Craig Mellor, senior vice president of sales. “We are fortunate to have a balance of operational and sales experience in place to help us serve the needs of the market here.”

Full blown operational capabilities for the Denver warehouse were scheduled to go online at the end of March. Local businesses are receiving live customer service support out of the new Denver facility as well as Stag’s Arlington, Texas, call center which can be reached at (800) 933-7824.

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