Gregg Fore: New Trends Drive RV Innovation

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March 2, 2011 by   Comments Off on Gregg Fore: New Trends Drive RV Innovation

Gregg Fore

Gregg Fore

Feedback from the 2010 National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., this past December has affirmed Dicor Corp.’s decision to introduce a record number of new products, Gregg Fore, president of the company, stated in a news release. His assessment: “What we saw at Louisville was an industry ready for some bold changes,”

Dicor Corp. is a leading RV supplier. Its four affiliated companies are Dicor Products, Seal Design, United Shade and Vixen Composites. RV manufacturers are presently integrating into prototype models several of the products Dicor Corp. introduced at the Louisville Show. From these test units, new choices for RV dealers and customers are expected to emerge that will address trends in the RV market.

Meeting customer demand

“Many dealers as well as manufacturers we spoke to told us the products we introduced are the kind of choices needed to take advantage of the emerging trends in the industry,” said Fore. “At Dicor, we certainly believe that one of our core competencies is staying ahead of the trend curve by looking at what’s working in other markets and then adapting what we find to RVs.”

“Accordingly, our United Shade affiliate has introduced a number of new window fashions as well as new motorized shade and screen choices,” said Fore. These new high-style choices include bamboo shades, faux wood shades and cordless cellular shades.Dicor_Corporation_4C

The trend toward smaller, more lightweight RVs, where floorspace is at a premium, also made Dicor Corp.’s series of adjustable and extendable table hardware a big hit with show visitors, said Fore. They work particularly well in the confines of smaller RVs, especially when the table top can be adjusted up or down or extended from side to side and even swiveled if need be. “Everybody loved the tables,” said Fore. “We called them our ‘dancing tables’ because of the multiple ways they can move, all of which provides a brand new level of flexibility for this common RV feature.”

A more fuel-efficient, weather tight RV

Fore said that two of the biggest breakthroughs came from Seal Design’s new Touch-N-Seal closed cell insulating foam and Seal-Tite sealing product. “The closed-cell, spray-in foam has not been used in the RV industry,” he said. “The more we examined it, the more we were convinced it is perfect for RVs. It’s relatively easy to spray in, solidifies quickly, seals tightly and insulates better. It’s also lighter than fiberglass insulation, while bolstering the structural integrity of the unit. It contributes to a lighter, more fuel efficient and weather tight RV. Also, for manufacturers, it takes up just five percent of the space required for storing fiberglass. It got a big response at the show.”

The Seal-Tite product is a caulk replacement that manufacturers can more efficiently and effectively apply to exterior doors, windows and other exterior protuberances, while providing a much longer lasting and stable seal. Seal Design research shows that Seal-Tite can replace dozens of different SKUs common in RV plants.

“Both these products address what has been an historic issue with some RVs — leaks and water damage,” said Fore. “The industry has gotten better at addressing this issue, but we think these products are a big step forward. We have to remember that the newer, younger RV buyer is not going to be comparing his purchase with a previous generation of RVs, but with his own experience of other quality products. We need to keep stepping up our efforts to meet these expectations.

“These kind of trends and products are things the industry will be continually evaluating and moving forward on,” Fore concluded. “Sometimes we get too comfortable with the status quo. At Dicor Corp., we expect all our companies to be leaders in their fields, and that means developing new solutions from their own expertise and from the expertise they find in other industries. Inspiration can come from many sources, and we hope to help our customers capture a whole new generation of RV buyers with some inspired choices.”

Click here to visit a website and watch videos promoting Dicor products.

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