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United Shade Expands Motorized Shade Lines

New shades from United Shade on display at 2010 National RV trade Show in Louisville, Ky.

New shades from United Shade on display at 2010 National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.

United Shade has significantly expanded its offerings for RV window coverings with some trendy new styles and the added convenience of motorized options for most of its product lines, the Elkhart, Ind.-based manufacturer said in a news release.

“We’re very excited about the new choices we’re bringing to the RV market,” said Braden McCormick, president of United Shade. “We have some great new options that offer a fresh look to RV interiors.”

The motorized feature is available for virtually all of United Shades’ window coverings. “No one else offers a motorized option for so many different shade styles,” said McCormick. “Our offerings provide the widest range of styles combined with the exceptional handiness of being operated by the touch of a switch or remote control.”

In fact, a single remote can control one shade or multiple shades, said McCormick. Shade control can also be programmed into universal remotes.

The motorized feature even applies for windshield shades and uses SilentGlide System to reduce noise. The cabin window shades, available in various colors, provide UV protection and temperature control.

Many stylish choices

Motorized choices also include Bamboo shades that make a fashionable statement with a residential interior-design look. The shades come with many colors and patterns and are made with natural, sustainable bamboo materials.

Also new is a Euro-style frame shade that is the only motorized frame shade in the RV industry. It offers a different, upscale look that is clean and utilitarian. It has both a screen and window covering that can be raised and lowered in different combinations to get just the right amount of fresh air and light.

Along with these new shades, United Shades’ cordless cellular shades are made even easier to use with the motorized feature while providing a new look and great insulating properties because of its cellular structure. The company’s popular day/night or night-only pleated shade and its Roman Shades round out the offerings.

Along with multiple colors, black out material is available for most styles. All can be customized to fit manufacturer needs and are easy to install.

“This is largest number of new shade styles we’ve ever offered at one time. That we can now provide motorized options opens up another set of opportunities for our manufacturing partners, helping them to further enhance the RV experience for their customers,” said McCormick. “We never stop looking for something better.”

To learn and see more about new window coverings from United Shade, visit www.dicor.com/amazingstuff. United Shade is an affiliated company of Dicor Corp.

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