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Black Book Site to Provide Monthly RV Reports

Ricky Beggs, managing editor of

Ricky Beggs, managing editor of Black Book

Click here to see the first monthly video market update released on April 1, courtesy of Black Book, focusing on the speciality vehicle market, including RVs. The videos are posted on Black Book’s homepage. A transcript of the portion focusing on RVs follows.

The RV market is making a major recovery from the economic crisis from 2008. New and used RV sales plummeted even more than the auto industry during the past few years. The sales at special RV auctions continue to show strength as the one- to four- year-old models are great alternatives to new. As Eric Lawrence, the editor of the quarterly updated, electronic-delivered RV Guide has been tracking the market he commented: “There is a lot of pent up demand out there. For the last several years, consumers have been holding back on big ticket items. Many felt that the economy was too shaky to make a long term financial commitment, but the economy seems to have leveled off and is showing some signs of health, so consumers are starting to break out their checkbooks again and are buying some of the luxury type items that they had been holding off on.”

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