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UVS Junction Intros 4 New Consumer Websites

UVS Junction has released a new series of consumer websites for their combined clients that results in inventory based on the visitor’s ZIP code. These sites are all part of the UVS direct platform.

Combined, ┬áthese sites add over 1.5 million indexed pages to the Internet, all relevant to its dealers and their inventory, the company stated in a news release. “We here at UVS take great measures to insure that our client sites are working hard under the hood to get them noticed. These direct sites are a perfect magnet for RV buyer traffic,” the release stated.

These sites are smart. When a visitor clicks onto the page, it will recognize their IP address and publish inventory based on ZIP code. This logic is about 80% accurate and for those ZIP codes that are not recognized or to give a visitor a more defined search, they have the option of entering their exact ZIP code.

The four sites are:

UVS RV Floorplans:


We are most excited about this site. This site can be searched three ways. By floorplan, by ZIP code or by state. Searching by floorplan is easy. The user will select their category, manufacturer and brand and the site will deliver every floorplan available among our clients. When a visitor searches by ZIP code, it will publish all ZIP codes for the brand they are looking at. They then have the opportunity to visit with the dealer, view other floorplans, or shoot out a request for more information which will then deliver a lead to ALL DEALER CLIENTS that carry that brand. This is an amazing site and the logic it is built on is light years ahead of anything in the industry. In the event a floorplan is not available it gives the user an opportunity to view inventory so not to leave them frustrated.

UVS Direct


UVS Direct is a compiled data base of all client inventory. This site offers both new and used inventory. The visitor can search by ZIP code or visit our dealer locator and search by state. Once on the details page, the visitor then has an option to click through directly to the RV dealer’s website. The details page also offers information on the dealership including their location address, contact email, and phone number.

Once landed on the details page, the visitor then has the opportunity to click through the floorplans for that brand. This is an amazing tool for the consumer, but by far a wonderful source of organic traffic to our clients.



This website follows the same logic as our primary UVS Direct site description above with the exception of publishing only NEW inventory.



This website follows the same logic as our primary UVS Direct site description above with the exception of publishing only PRE OWNED inventory.

These sites will leave their mark on the internet. UVS client do nothing. This is all automated and refreshed daily based on their current inventory. Just another way for us to continue to keep our clients ahead of the internet game. There is not an SEO company out there that can even start to give our clients the exposure they are getting on these platforms.

For more information about this new platform, contact Angie Cellucci angela@uvsjunction.com

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