UVS Junction Releases New Live Chat Platform

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April 26, 2011 by   Comments Off on UVS Junction Releases New Live Chat Platform

129907591168120 Editor’s Note: the following news release is from Ultimate Video Showcase Inc.  (UVS), Winter Springs, Fla.

Over the past years, we’ve had a self battle with the benefits of live chat. Live chat if not  managed correctly can kill a deal. On the other hand, if managed with care, it can be a wonderful way to generate leads…it’s always about leads. Over the past couple of months, we’ve introduced many different platforms to generate leads for our clients. We knew it was time to break into the world of live chat. We would rather offer a safe and reliable product that’s our own than bring in software that is hosted elsewhere.

Here at UVS we are constantly working on products that benefit our client base and tend to be over protective in shielding them from those that won’t. So our best approach on chat was launching our own. By doing this we knew we would be in total control of the product and allow it to grow with client input.

UVS Junction Chat was introduced to our client base this past Friday (April 22). We offer four levels of service ranging from self to total management. Under two bucks a day will feed you with quality leads. A perfect example of the benefits of live chat is this past holiday weekend. One of our clients generated 30 quality leads on Easter Sunday. These leads were all confirmed with name, phone and email. Keep in mind the quantity of leads are based on your individual traffic. But why would any dealer walk away from leads for under two bucks a day.

The purpose of live chat should not be to close a deal or to shoot out pricing. Remember consumers are savvy and they’ll use your chat to play “good cop bad cop” with your competition. Live chat should be a tool to generate leads only. There is a method to entice your visitors to share their name, phone and email. Live chat will generate leads whether you’re online or offline. It’s a welcoming tool for your visitor.

Some of the negatives attached to chat would be having your chat online without an active operator. That’s why when we developed our chat we made it user friendly so our clients could remain active on the administrative side from any computer, smart phone, or tablet device. As long as you have internet and a browser, your chat will always be available. You could be shopping for groceries and still manage your chat! How cool is that?

Our chat allows “round robin” operator coverage. That means if one operator is busy, it will flip to the next. Chat by departments is also a great tool. When putting this chat into place, we took every scenario into consideration.

For those dealers that just want to have a “lead cow” through the power of chat, our offices are equipped with receiving operators that are trained to generate leads and not scare your prospects away. UVS is now offering a full service chat platform with live operator coverage. Our team of operators continues to grow as our chat clients do giving peace of mind to each dealership.

What ever package our clients choose, we are certain there is a UVS Junction Package to fit every budget…and by far the ROI should blow you away.

Chat is installed typically within 24 hours and is ready to go with your first login.

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