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Go RVing Canada Touts Economy of RVing

With volatile gasoline prices, a vacation in a gas-guzzling RV may not sound like a great idea.

But, as reported by the Canadian Press, Go RVing Canada is pushing this type of holiday as being more affordable than some other options.

“Yes, it is affected (by high gas prices) like all other forms of travel, but it’s a lot more flexible than, say, flying and using hotels,” said Go RVing spokesperson Angele Lapointe.

“You can control the amount of road time you do,” she added. “You can decide to stay in a campground a little longer.”

At current gasoline prices, a 10-day trip for a family of four traveling from Halifax to Quebec City and back would cost less than $3,000 in an RV, compared to almost $8,000 using airlines, a rental car, hotels and restaurants, said Lapointe.

Rental costs for motorized RVs vary from province to province. At a pair of Ontario dealerships, for example, the price ranges from $94 to $200 a day, said Lapointe.

Retail sales of RVs across Canada rose 18% last year compared with 2009, Go RVing said in a release. The group also said the industry is seeing increased attendance at its trade shows.

RVs cost anywhere from about $6,000 to $200,000, said Lapointe.

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