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RVDA of Canada Reacts to Conservative Win

RVDA of Canada responded to the recent victory at the Canadian polls by conservatives.

“The ballots from the 41st general election are in and Canadian voters have elected a majority Conservative Government,” RVDA of Canada stated in a news release. “It has been seven years since a party has had a majority of seats in the House of Commons. Canadians will now not have to go to the polls until October 2015, under Stephen Harper’s fixed election date law. Stephen Harper is now the third Conservative Leader since Confederation to win three consecutive terms in office.”

The Conservative Party’s being in a majority government situation will play a key role in helping to implement significant elements of the party’s policy platform and agenda.

A noteworthy element of the Conservative’s agenda related to the RV industry is as follows:

Also of interest to the RV industry, the Conservative’s agenda highlights several issues related to small- and medium-sized businesses, including:

RVDA of Canada is well positioned to move forward to work with the Conservative Government. Over the past several years, the association has implemented a non-partisan approach in order to ensure excellent relations with a number of key MPs from all parties. The RVDA of Canada also remains committed to working with all newly elected MPs, in order to bring key RV issues to the top of their agendas.

Moving forward, the RVDA of Canada remains committed to continuing our efforts to ensure the RV industry and key issues of concern are brought to the forefront of the government’s agenda. As the new cabinet team is sworn in over the coming weeks, members will be updated on significant postings related to the industry.

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