Dicor Corp.’s Snook Retiring After 40 Years

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Dicor's Bill Snook

Dicor's Bill Snook

Bill Snook, vice president of operations for Elkhart, Ind., supplier Dicor Corp., will be retiring on June 30, according to a press release.

Dicor noted in the release that “through the past 40 years in the RV industry, the well-respected, 67-year-old executive” has held a wide variety of management positions, first with Coachmen RV Inc. and then with Dicor, where he has served for the last 20 years.

“Bill has been successfully involved in a variety of RV-related management roles,” said Gregg Fore, president of Dicor  “He has helped to make our industry a better place for those who work in it, and has touched many issues that have enhanced RV products enjoyed by millions of Americans.”

Snook, a graduate of Elkhart’s Concord High School and Indiana State University, began his career as a teacher but found an opportunity in the RV industry in 1971 with Coachmen RV. It was there that Snook found “the best management university in the world. They taught us how to do everything the right way. They taught us big company management techniques and sent us to lots and lots of seminars. And now you can go and look around at all the people running the big RV companies in town. They’re all ex-Coachmen people.”

Snook came to Dicor Corporation 20 years ago as president of its affiliate, JPC LLC, a sewing company that made floor mats for RVs. He later served as vice president of affiliate companies before his present tenure as vice president of operations.

“Bill has always been uniquely qualified for making organizations run more efficiently,” said Fore. “He has a talent for nurturing employees and people around him.”

“It’s always been fun,” said Snook. “The great thing about the RV industry is that very little of it is stymied by bureaucracy. Changes can be quickly made. If someone has an idea, it can be brought to market in a matter of weeks. It’s fast paced. When you go home at night you can see that you’ve done something and you haven’t sat in meetings for four weeks beforehand.”

“Success in this business takes what it has always taken,” said Snook. “You need to be a very high energy people person.”

Success in the business has also meant many changes over his 40 years. The RV business “has become more sophisticated, with better quality and more reliable materials and products,” said Snook.

“Dicor is the best group of people I’ve ever been associated with. This is the only place I’ve been where all the employees are totally empowered,” he said. “And it is the people that will make it tough for me to leave. I’ve made a lot of very, very good friends in this business over the years.”

“I’ve known Bill for many years and he’s always been a good leader and provided good advice for the people who worked with and for him,” said Tom Del Vecchio, director of engineering for Dicor.“He’s been a good friend to many of us in the RV industry. He will certainly be missed in our business.”

Along with more time for his golf game, Snook is looking forward in retirement to traveling to all the tourist spots he always had to pass by on his many business trips over the years. “I don’t know how many times I’ve flown into the Boston airport to visit dealerships or other business, but I’ve never been to downtown Boston,” he said. Now he plans to take in downtown Boston and other places with his new travel agenda.

“It will be a new kind of fun. I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

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