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June 16, 2011 by   Comments Off on UVS Junction Facebook App Features Video

Winter Springs, Fla.-based UVS Junction today (June 16) released a new Facebook platform “unlike any other currently in the RV industry,” according to a press release.

As approved Facebook developers, UVS has written an application for their clients that automatically updates client inventory daily onto their Facebook pages. The new feature means UVS clients won’t need to pay any third-party companies to do this for them, said Angela Cellucci, director of UVS Junction.

“The beauty of this app is that inventory is on a stand-alone app page rather than getting lost in the shuffle of the client fan page wall,” she explained. “What also makes this app development so amazing is that UVS has installed a content-editing tool within their system console that automatically updates UVS client Facebook pages.

“This feature allows our clients to post banners, specials and content above their inventory page and it will remain static on the top of the page all the time, unlike random wall posts,” said Cellucci. “The client has the option of defaulting visitors to their inventory page or their Facebook wall.

“This capability is superior in giving our clients the opportunity to create banners, coupons, incentives, etc., and publish them on their Facebook page in real time. But, it’s unlike what they’ve seen in the past because we have designated an upper section just for that purpose,” she added.

Now any message or incentive can remain static on the top of the page including video.

“Having video on Facebook gives our clients the opportunity to run their TV spot, testimonials or any other video to capture their Facebook visitors,” said Cellucci. “While developing this platform, we felt it was highly important to drive Facebook visitors to the client website. That is why all the inventory posted is linked directly to the client site.

“Click onto any pricing form or inventory link and the results are exactly what they would be if the prospect is right on your site,” she explained. “All forms are submitted directly to the RV dealer via e-mail. This technology is bringing this social networking platform to the next level and, most importantly, communicating with our clients as if they had another website.”

With the digital growth in the marketing industry, companies have had to be creative to keep their businesses afloat, Cellucci said. Many dealers have made choices to keep their marketing focused on the Internet and marketing companies are experiencing the loss, she said.

“Facebook has become a popular tool among RV dealers, but, unfortunately, they are not using it to truly benefit themselves,” said Cellucci. “In many cases, they have hired third party marketing companies to do the job for them. Social networking is free, so it just didn’t make sense to us as developers that our clients would have to pay for this service. So, we put our plan onto our development table, but with a twist.

“Posting inventory on a Facebook wall is simply that,” Cellucci said. “We’ve taken the beauty of Facebook and developed it ‘UVS style.’ Our clients can truly benefit from Facebook by having their real inventory posted and updated daily, they can self-manage their page, include any coupons that will stick on the top of the page, and, of course, now even include video like TV spots and testimonials.”

Cellucci said a UVS client page is similar to the Facebook apps, like Bejeweled and Farmville.

“In most every case, any fan page an RV dealer is using now is not an app, they are more than likely using their Facebook wall,” she explained. “Wall postings push down. Our platform keeps inventory in front of the visitor.

Having an app also allows a dealer to view activity from their page confirming any false reporting of Facebook activity.

“As Facebook approved developers, we now offer each dealership the ability to track their Facebook activity,” she said. “This is a true way for our dealer clients to see in black and white what Facebook is doing for them –or not doing. Traffic is beneficial if it comes from Facebook to the client site.”

Facebook provides platform developers with metrics around their content. By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, platform developers are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook, Cellucci said.

“We can easily report activity to all UVS clients,” she said. “We can even give them ‘insight’ privileges that will give them the freedom of pulling their own stats.”

To see a demonstration of the Facebook page, including video on Facebook, click here.

For more information about UVS Junction products and services, visit

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