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Technicians Sought for Career Ladder Pilot

Candidates are now being recruited to take part in the piloting of the new tests supporting the newly adopted RV Service Technician Career Ladder (pictured).

In support of the revised career ladder, staff has revised the general certification test, developed a registered technician test, and developed five specialty certification tests in the areas of body, chassis, electrical systems, appliances and plumbing.

A mix of non-certified, certified and master certified candidates is needed to assist in piloting each of the seven tests for the new certification process. Individuals willing to take part in piloting the new tests should contact Nancy Jo Bell-London in the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) Education department at (703) 620-6003, ext. 355 or nlondon@rvia.org.

There are no registration fees associated with taking the pilot tests. After the tests have been piloted, NOCTI (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute), industry experts and staff will gather for a cut-score meeting to review the tests and determine passing scores. Candidates who pass the tests will be awarded their certifications. There are no penalties for not passing a pilot test; and already-certified candidates will maintain their current certifications.

The new RV Service Technician Career Ladder provides technicians two paths to certification; the certification that exists today (left path) and new specialty certifications (right path). The specialty path provides a way to recognize and reward those individuals who may only work on segments of the RV and not the whole RV.

In addition, a level of “registered” technician is provided at the beginning of either path to give recognition and reward to those entry-level technicians.

Master certification will be achieved by either the proper score on the general certification path (left path) or maintaining a current certification in all the specialty areas.

Pricing, test availability and re-certification requirements will be determined once the tests have been developed, piloted and approved. The target date for the launch of tests and training materials to support the career ladder is October 2011.

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