Mass. AG Files Suit Against Morgan RV Resorts

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August 25, 2011 by   3 Comments

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is suing the owners of Saratoga Springs, N.Y.-based Morgan RV Resorts, alleging the company is intimidating members to collect exorbitant fees in a Cape Cod manufactured housing community it owns.

According to a press release from Coakley, the company’s sales team “aggressively solicited homeowners at Peters Pond to pay up to $16,000 as a membership fee to remain in the community.” The fee was on top of the $6,000 annual fee owners paid to lease their properties at the Sandwich, Mass., housing community.

Coakley’s lawsuit seeks to end the collection and also return fees already paid by residents. She alleges the practices are a violation of the Consumer Protection Act and Manufactured Housing Act.

According to the lawsuit, nearly 100 homeowners have paid to join the club out of fear that they would lose their home.

In a separate report by the Journal and Courier, Lafayette, Ind., an amusement ride inspector from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is at Indiana Beach, also owned by Morgan RV Resorts, partly in response to a protest last weekend led by a group of former employees,

The state inspector is checking the safety and documentation of the approximately 30 rides at this lakefront tourist attraction.

Further protests have been canceled following a pledge by officials with Morgan RV Resorts, which has owned Indiana Beach since 2008, to meet with representatives of the one-time workers. They had demonstrated near the park to bring attention to their concerns about ride safety and maintenance, employee treatment and guest relations.

Morgans RV owns and operates several RV parks and campgrounds in the Saratoga region, including: Coldbrook Campsite Resort on Gurn Springs Road in Gansevoort, NASCAR RV Resorts at Adirondack Gateway on Fortsville Road in Gansevoort, Lake George Suites on Lake Shore Drive in Lake George and Lake George Campsites on Route 9 in Queensbury. The company also has several properties in vacation spots in New Jersey, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Maine and Indiana.

The Peters Pond manufactured housing community is the seasonal home for dozens of retirees and elderly residents.

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3 Responses to “Mass. AG Files Suit Against Morgan RV Resorts”

  1. Elaine Caron on August 26th, 2011 5:54 pm

    We also had these promotional tactics thrust upon us at our once favorite campground at Old Orchard Beach Maine. The Morgan RV Park we have been staying at for years has now become a pay to become a member resort as well, pushing the little guy campers out.

    The entire week we spent up there this year was spent trying to dodge these salespeople, only to be located time and time again. We eventually listened to the sales pitch, but are in no way able to afford the $16,000.00 membership fee.

    We are extremely disappointed and sad that our favorite campground will no longer take our yearly business to camp at their facility.

  2. Another Old Orchard Beach Family on September 19th, 2011 3:53 pm

    They are doing the same thing at our little Wagon Wheel campground at old ochard beach maine. We just moved our camper in there last year. Added a deck, shed, flowers, plants… and are now told that if we don’t spend the 10K to become a member, anyone that does pay the fee can take our site, even though we paid our annual seasonal fee’s. It’s truely heartbreaking. I watched 6-7 families already leave the campground because of these unfair practices, and i’m sure there are more to come. We are hoping someone stops them before the campground is vacant by all! I know we can’t afford 10K in this economy. And the sales pitch is you get $500 worth of visitor passes if you pay 10K… REALLY… if i wanted visitors, i’d have them pay the ridiculous 15 bucks a day to eat at my camper. Not 10K!! I’m outraged!

  3. Pine Acres Seasonal on September 28th, 2011 9:18 am

    They are doing the same thing at Pine Acres in Raymond NH.
    Last weekend salespeople came in and gave us the same story, we had to pay $13000 to “buy” our lot, plus the seasonal fees of $3400, and if we did not, we could be forced to move if someone else wanted to “buy” our site.
    Such a joke…we decided to leave due to this, as well as other newly enforced “rules”, and now we cannot get our deposit back. Been calling since September 5th and I am getting the run around – almost a month. I, along with many of my seasonal friends at Pine Acres, are leaving this fall, and I can tell you this much…they will NEVER get another PENNY out of my hard earned # as long as Im alive. They’re lost alot of business with these questionable “rules” and practices!