N.M. Resort to Offer RVers ‘Luxurious Experience’

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August 30, 2011 by   5 Comments

The scope of a construction project can often be inferred by its cost, and Angel Fire Resort officials plan to invest more in a new RV resort than on the multi-million dollar country club they erected last year in northern New Mexico, the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle reported

The RV resort is to be built near the west entrance to Angel Fire, N.M., on Highway 64. With 260 RV sites, 109 RV storage units, 10 cabins, a full-service clubhouse, bathrooms, laundry facilities and dog runs, the 94-acre development is meant to serve RV travelers who expect a luxurious experience.

“Angel Fire Resort is committed to creating an RV hospitality experience unlike any other in North America,” said Daniel E. Rakes, general counsel for the resort. “We’re working with the top experts in RV resort development to identify the most desirable amenities, and to guarantee the best resort practices, so that we greatly exceed the expectations of today’s passionate RV travelers.”

Resort Marketing Director Dave Dekema said the project is not meant to cater to the resort’s current clientele, but it will bring a different type of vacationer to Angel Fire.

“This is a destination resort for them to bring their toys and their friends,” he said. “…This isn’t an amenity of the existing resort. The resort is investing in a completely new business here in Angel Fire.”

Rakes recently told the Village of Angel Fire Council he is confident that the project will attract people who will “nest” in Angel Fire for long periods of time. He said the resort’s RV industry consultant from Washington state advised that the industry remains strong despite increasing gas prices.

“RVers don’t really care about a dollar a gallon (increase),” he said. “They’re spending anywhere from $300,000 to $500,000 on one of those units, so that’s not a significant thing for them.”

The approved location for the RV resort is adjacent to Carson National Forest and the Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway. It will have its own private access to the forest, where visitors can bike, hike and ride snowmobiles. The resort is seeking the required permits for ATV trails from the U.S.Forest Service.

Living Designs Group of Taos will oversee the design of the new project. The company has worked on a variety of other large-scale New Mexico projects, such as the four-star El Monte Sagrado Resort in Taos and the country club in Angel Fire. According to an economic impact study, the development would generate $100,000 in wages paid to employees and $1,146,685.12 in various taxes during the first year.

It would generate revenues of $160 per night per RV space rented, the report states. Angel Fire Community Development Director Mark Rivera said the resort secured a zoning change for the project last year, and Dekema said resort officials hope to start work on the utilities and infrastructure this year with groundbreaking in the fall.

The Village of Angel Fire Council approved the RV resort site plan Aug. 9.

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5 Responses to “N.M. Resort to Offer RVers ‘Luxurious Experience’”

  1. David Gorin on August 30th, 2011 2:50 pm

    Good luck. $160/night for an RV site in NM? Someone’s smoking what they grow. Suggest the developers might want to get a second opinion.

  2. Norm Paquette on August 30th, 2011 3:35 pm

    $160.00 a night, this should pack the place up with decent RVers because the lower prices attract the undesired anyhow.. I bet they will do good raking in all that old money from recent retirees.

  3. Larry Frazer on August 30th, 2011 5:02 pm

    $160 per night is crazy in any park. I have one of those $300,000 to $500,000 motorhomes and I do care what I spend a night and what I spend on fuel.

  4. Dave on August 31st, 2011 10:15 pm

    This “resort” is definitely being designed with the ultra-rich in mind — those that have a lot of disposable income and price does NOT matter to them.

    I have worked as park attendant for the Army Corp and I have found that most people did not give any problems. Most problems that we did get were from the wealthier “city crowd” who thought that just because they spent their money then they were entitled to do whatever they wanted – including ignoring the rules that were set down for EVERYBODY.

    I too own a bus that would now cost in the 300+ range and I DO consider a buck a gallon increase to be ridiculous. I could understand the increase if the oil companies did not report “record profits” each time we have these increases (that don;t seem to decrease when the $/bbl drops). We stay in destinations for extended periods (4-5 months) but a dollar per gallon is still felt !!

  5. Candace on September 5th, 2011 12:00 am

    We visited AF this past summer and thought it was beautiful but too pricey already. Resort town for sure and full of Texans who can’t park straight. What is THAT all about ?

    I sure hope this development doesn’t ruin the beautiful view of the west end of the valley from Monte Verde RV Park. Monte Verde is a small park lovingly cared for by her owners. That would be a real shame …

    Reality is, the majority of RV owners won’t spend $160 a night for an RV spot located that remotely from needed services and necessities while “nesting”.