Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II Holds Preview

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August 25, 2011 by   Comments Off on Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II Holds Preview

Art Lieberman is so excited about the features of his upcoming Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II that he gave a sneak peek on Tuesday (Aug. 23) to a handful of prospective exhibitors.

According to a report on Woodall’s Campground Management, Lieberman was undaunted by last year’s inaugural expo, an event that garnered rave reviews for its creativity but barely passing grades for its execution, Lieberman has lined up what he thinks this time will be a real winner.

VCopious, an award-winning, Conshohocken, Pa.-based software producer, is setting up this year’s Expo, set for Nov. 10-11 on the Internet.

The 2010 Expo, a first-ever virtual expo for the outdoor hospitality industry, attracted 479 unique visitors, of whom 297 were from campgrounds.

The company’s Elizabeth Davenport led prospects through the site during Tuesday’s demonstration. Afterward, Lieberman talked about the upcoming event.

“There are 20 differences between then and now,” said Lieberman, comparing the two events.

Perhaps of prime importance, VCopious staff will set up the exhibitors’ booths for the Expo. Last year, exhibitors did most of the set-up themselves, with help from Lieberman and his staff. The results were spotty, with booths ranging from primitive to sophisticated.

The software provider lurked in the background much of the time last year but provided little assistance in the set-up.

“Last year, 73% of the entrants said they loved the concept but 68% said they hated the software. It wasn’t user-friendly. Not only the exhibitors but also the attendees said that.”

“The software this year is so good and so user-friendly and so easy to use, a child could operate it. Well, a child can operate it. It’s the adults we’re worried about!”

Lieberman, who runs a credit card processing firm that serves the RV park and campground industry, said campground operators are experts at running their parks but often are rusty on their office computers. The easy-to-use software will be far more appealing this time, he said.

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