Columbia Northwest to Debut Somerset Popups

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September 23, 2011 by   2 Comments

Allan Reeping, Aliner camping sales manager

A-frame folding camping trailer manufacturer Columbia Northwest Inc./Aliner has begun manufacturing Somerset folding camping trailers that are reminiscent in appearance of the units built until earlier this year by investment firm FTCA Inc. under the Coleman brand name. The new foldout will be on display at the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) 49th Annual National RV Trade Show Nov. 29-Dec. 1 in Louisville, Ky. ”Our intent is to launch with eight models with 8-foot to 12-foot boxes, all with pretty-well standard features,” said Ned Collins, CEO of the Mount Pleasant, Pa., manufacturer. Collins said four of the floorplans with be ”touring-type” models and four will be included in an aggressively styled off-road series. ”We are going to launch to a combination of former Coleman dealers and the Aliner network,” Collins said. The Somerset made its debut at the recent 43rd Annual Pennsylvania RV and Camping Show in Hershey, Pa. Collins said that Aliner has hired some former FTCA employees who were in production, sales and engineering at FTCA’s Coleman plant in Somerset, Pa. ”In January (FTCA) closed their doors and at the time represented about 30% of the tent-camper market,” Collins said. ”So, we saw an opportunity.” Aliner’s camping trailer sales manager is Allan Reeping, who was FTCA’s national sales manager.

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2 Responses to “Columbia Northwest to Debut Somerset Popups”

  1. Carol on May 30th, 2012 4:26 am

    I sure hope you sell replacement parts for the Fleetwood/Coleman line. I have been desperatly searching for replacement bed rails for my Yosamite FourSeasons. Cannot locate any and am becoming desperate. I need to camp.

  2. Lin on June 24th, 2012 10:52 pm

    I have spent countless hours looking for a camper trailer not within my means but towable by my car. Why does every camper has to have “everything”. Really a microwave? Some item I don’t dispute the convenience and comfort such as AC. Camping in 100+ degree is borderline insanity unless you really love the sauna room. Everyday I see so many people who wants to take their kids outside but their vehicles towing capacity isn’t sufficient to tow these campers or they want to enjoy the outdoors but don’t want the little ones to suffer in the heat of a tent. There are campers like the Alite, but it is rather small compare to the Sun Valley. You can stand upright but only in the middle of it. There is AC. Well, my tent already provides that. I just dislike the bother of spending time to set up instead of spending time to enjoy our love ones.

    So I’m glad that someone is continuing the Coleman “line” and is pursuing how to decrease the weight so that all can enjoy the outdoors without having to buy a vehicles that has a bigger motor and guzzled gas. I wish there was some way that would offer some like the E series but without all those extras that is inside the trailer. Love the color and sportiness, and without those same old camper fabrics. How much weight can be reduced with less seating (like Livin Lite has very functional seats (just a tad bit utilitarian, but hey I’m not camping to admire the seats), microwave, toilet, large water tank, and have a simple counter to store or just cook on? What’s wrong with full size beds (or is it already?)

    I love the Coleman Switchback design! Maybe it will come back, but please make it quickly! :-)