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Keystone Unveils Vantage; Offers ‘New Concept’

Keystone's new Vantage trailer

Goshen, Ind.-based Keystone RV Co. unveiled its Vantage Tuesday (Sept. 20) at Elkhart County’s 4th Annual RV Open House Week, embodying a new concept in RV travel trailer styling that, according to Keystone President Bob Martin, evokes “timeless design while incorporating cutting-edge construction technology.”

Designed and built in a separate facility that Martin playfully described as “Area 51” — “only about 20 people from our operations group had access to it,” he noted — the Vantage was kept under wraps within the Keystone display at parent company Thor Industries Inc.’s expansive exhibition on the grounds of the RV/MH Hall of Fame until it was revealed to dealers Tuesday morning.

“The Vantage is a new product that actually was the brainchild of our senior operations group,” Martin told RVBUSINESS.COM. “They wanted to do something that’s a different construction process, that looks different, is timeless, sleek and sexy. It started from the ground-up, as a project that is something that’s just not in the industry today.”

The Vantage incorporates vacuum-bonded radius walls both inside and outside, unique front and back molded caps, lighting throughout and, for its size, a surprisingly light towing weight.

“It’s not intentionally an ultra-lightweight,” Martin said, “but due to some of our construction techniques — vacuum-bonded sidewalls, laminated construction — it comes in fairly light. This is a larger unit — we wanted to build a larger one first just to see what the weight would end up being — and at 33 feet it weighs in at about 6,500 pounds.”

The 33-foot floorplan will probably be the largest Vantage built, Martin added, and will ultimately be offered in an entire range of sizes, down into the smaller 20-foot lengths.

According to Martin, the Vantage is not technically a wide-body, “but it is 101 inches.” He noted, “When you get inside with a lot of large people, we fit. It’s a nice feel.”

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#1 Comment By Jim Smith On December 8, 2011 @ 11:20 am

My wife and I saw this yesterday at Byerly RV outside St. Louis. Yep, it is an attention-getting design. Looks similar to an Airstream but taller. It had pretty good storage inside, with some interesting storage designs. But the 32′ camper felt tightly restrictive inside. Sort of like being inside a submarine. The slide is very shallow, encompassing the kitchen and storage closets. it’s nice having an air mattress sleeper sofa you just push a button to inflate with it’s built-in compressor. But outside, you can’t have a ladder to gain access to the top or use for hanging a portable waste cart. You also can’t install a bike rack or accessory platform (wheelchair, fire wood, etc) because there’s no traditional steel channel “bumper”; just a molded, plastic cover. The one we saw also had a single section, stainless steel kitchen: I will never understand having only one section for dishwashing. We had one in our current RV, but jerked it out to install a two section sink. The bathroom is spacious, but has an an oddly shaped tub. All in all a pretty design with it’s rounded sides, ends, and top. Nice color, too, in a departure from the common white with stickon decorations. Looks huge sitting on the lot.

#2 Comment By chris On June 13, 2012 @ 11:39 pm

I am an owner of an airstream. We love the sleek deseign of our trailer and its solid construction. If the Vantage is well built and will last, then it offers more space and comfort than our trailer. Also, this size trailer cost a fortune in an Airstream. I hope to visit a dealer with a Vantage to check our construction. Basically all trailers have the sametype of appliances, water heater, HVAC, furnace etc. So what matters to me is basic structure of the trailer. Will it last. I hope Vantage offers all of this. If so it could be my next trailer.