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ROUTE 66 Annual Rally Draws Record Numbers

The ROUTE 66 RV Network held their 8th Annual Rally in San Antonio, Texas, last week with a record number of RV network dealers and supplier partner companies attending.

“This year we hosted over 210 people from 85% of our dealership locations and 31 of our network supplier partner companies,” said ROUTE 66 partner Dave Francis in a press release. “Our Rally is designed to facilitate relationship-building between all of the network stakeholders and it was really great to have so many on our team come together.”

“The major emphasis of this year’s meeting was to encourage our dealers, who are the industry’s best ‘brick and mortar’ dealerships, to more aggressively establish themselves as the best ‘clicks’ based dealerships,” said Steve Francis, a ROUTE 66 partner and network dealer principal. “Having built many of the proprietary tools necessary to help ROUTE 66 dealers compete effectively in the Internet space, the network is very uniquely positioned to meet the wants and needs of today’s RV shopper and traveler.”

Founded in 2004, the Overland Park, Kan.-based ROUTE 66 RV Network currently has about 140 dealerships in 42 states. The dealerships who are members of the network have the opportunity to not only participate in over 36 unique network programs, but also can promise their customers that “Wherever the road takes you … you can count on us.”

“A solid team and cooperative spirit among all of the network dealerships is what allows the network to so successfully deliver on this promise to their customers.,” says Rob Merrill, network partner.

In addition, the network management team is supported by an active advisory board of member dealers who are involved in the network’s plans and direction. The members for 2011-2012 are Aaron Johnston – Johnston RV Country (N.Y), Bud Maxey – Cullum & Maxey (Tenn.), Rick Rizzo – Rick’s RV (Ill.), Lee Litchfield – Lee’s RV City (Okla.), Larry Andre – A&S RV (Mich.), John Meyers – Apache Village RV (Mo.), David Hayes – Hayes RV (Texas) and Troy Padgett – All Valley RV (Calif.).

According to Merrill, “ROUTE 66 is always in a growth mode and is constantly looking for like-minded RV dealers with whom to lock arms and represent the network with excellence and integrity.”

For more information contact Merrill at 913-317-6678.


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