RVDA of Canada Distributes 2011 ‘Advocacy Kit’

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October 18, 2011 by   Comments Off on RVDA of Canada Distributes 2011 ‘Advocacy Kit’

RVDA of Canada urges action.

The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada is asking its members to promote the RV industry with their government representative and provided them with a “Grassroots Advocacy Kit.”

In an e-mail to its members, the Canadian trade group noted, “As the 41st Canadian Parliament heads into session, and with the recent appointment of Denis Lebel as Canada’s new minister of transport, now is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your local member of parliament (MP) to let them know that action in the RV industry is needed now.”

The kit contains an overview of three key issues affecting RVDA and the RV industry in general and explains the challenges the RV industry faces.

The kit also provides instruction for contacting their MP and a sample letter to send to their local office.

This kit also provides members the opportunity to reach out through postcards and personal letters to let their members of parliament, the minister of transport and the prime minister to know that there are serious concerns pertaining to our industry.


RVDA of Canada identified these three key issues:

Cross-Border Shopping

There is a significant lack of consumer knowledge with regards to specific regulations when importing recreational vehicles through the registrar of imported vehicles (RIV).

In order to ensure the safe operation and use of all RVs across Canada, countrywide certification — on an equal level playing field — must be implemented for all imports for consumers, as well as retailers.

National initiative to ensure safety checks on all RVs purchased across the border

More stringent inspections are needed, through a national standard, to ensure all new and used RVs purchased across the border are in proper and secure condition for consumer and dealer use.

Through this national standard, the inspection process will be conducted through a secure and legitimate source, ensuring consumer and dealer safety across the country.

This measure would help alleviate improper safety checks conducted by non-licensed facilities, and avoid compromising the safety of Canadians.

RVing should be recognized as a prosperous tourism activity

RVing and camping are large components of tourism, both internally (Canadian) and externally (from outside Canada). There is a crucial need for this to be recognized by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) as a viable growth area for tourism in Canada.

The CTC should include particular messaging to target markets where RV rentals are being offered in Canada. Promotion should gear towards a different way and a new experience to discover Canada.

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