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‘Tents for Troops’ Seeks Input on RV Program

Tents for Troops (T4T), www.TentsforTroops.org, the nationwide network of RV parks and campgrounds offering complimentary camping to active military and their families, is seeking assistance with a feasibility study.

According to a press release, T4T is interested in studying the possibility of offering the use of RVs to troops nationwide at no cost. T4T said the scope of this program could prove very large, requiring a great deal of input in determining program viability.

According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), 7.7% of the active military personnel camped in an RV in the past six months. Based on a recent comScore Inc. report, that equates to approximately 115,000 troops.

T4T is interested in establishing how such a program may operate and examining the logistics of such an undertaking in the following areas:

• Demand for such a program and the number/type of RVs most suitable.

• Optimum location to work from – near major military bases, major population areas, etc.

• Administration and housing of RVs – possibilities may include national or regional RV retailers and/or service centers, national or regional RV rental firms, retail big box chains, auto or truck rental firms, military bases.

• Fleet maintenance – modeled on the Cruise America/Jiffy Lube program.

• Designing and locating a pilot program if deemed appropriate.

• Examining long- and short-term funding requirements, funding sources, self-sustainability.

T4T welcomes assistance from every corner of the RV and outdoor hospitality industry whether it’s simply a comment or observation or staff time to commit to the feasibility study. As noted, this project is in an exploratory phase. With help from those in the industry, T4T can determine whether or not to move forward with this RV availability project. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Tents for Troops founder Charlie Curry at 360-274-7915 or TentsforTroops@aol.com.


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