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Winegard Receives Award for ‘Well Workplace’

Winegard Company has been awarded a national “Well Workplace” Award by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) based on the company’s workplace wellness initiatives. Dr. Denise Baker, director of organization development and IT, accepted the award at a ceremony in West Des Moines, Iowa, on Oct. 20.

“What makes this award so special is that it embodies (CEO) Randy Winegard’s personal and corporate values towards wellness and quality of life,” said Baker. “His support has been key to our success in improving individual health, increasing productivity and reducing healthcare costs.”

In determining its awards, WELCOA evaluates seven benchmarks on how a company’s wellness programs measure up, including capturing CEO support, creating cohesive wellness teams, collecting data to drive health efforts, crafting an operating plan, choosing appropriate interventions, creating a supportive environment and consistently evaluating outcomes. Winegard Company, a manufacturer of antenna products for both satellite and over-the-air multi-media signal reception based in Burlington, Iowa, scored 175.76 out of 180 possible points.

Winegard established its employee wellness program initiative in 2008, starting with a health assessment of all employees that, in the process, pointed to a number of employees who had significant treatable health issues. Winegard’s wellness program covers such things as gym reimbursements, onsite educational seminars, onsite exercise classes and healthy choices in vending machines. For employees or spouses that fall into the high risk category, Winegard provides an intense, physician-directed healthy living clinic.

“One of the surprises to us was that we underestimated the big boost in employee morale,” said Baker. “Employees really valued that we were investing in them. And, the investment has paid off by contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bottom line.”

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