ADP Lightspeed: Business Speed Limit Signs

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December 16, 2011 by   Comments Off on ADP Lightspeed: Business Speed Limit Signs

The following article was authored by Adam Shiflett, marketing manager for ADP Lightspeed, examining why businesses should track, display and publicize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

I admit it, I’m a speeder. Nothing serious just five to 10 miles over on average, but there is one time I am always below the speed limit.

Around my neighborhood the city has installed electric radar signs that display your current speed. They are very bright and display how fast you’re going to the world. Every time I see one I instinctively slow down to the appropriate speed.

So why do those electric speed signs work so well? It’s not like I have to wait for a sign to tell me that I’m speeding. I have a speedometer. I know that I am going over the speed limit.

It’s the publicity. Yes I speed, but I assume no one else knows about it. As soon as one of these signs comes into view I know that the whole world can see that I’m a speeder.

Making speed public helps people govern themselves. It is human nature that when we see something is tracked, displayed and public we focus on improving performance. This principle applies to your dealership too.

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