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Dometic Debuts Innovative Product in Louisville

Breathe Easy air purifier

Key industry supplier Dometic Corp. displayed several new products during this week’s 49th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., including the new 300 RV toilet and Breathe Easy air purifier.

According to a press release, the lightweight 300 RV toilet utilizes Dometic’s PowerFlush Gravity Discharge, a powerful swirl-jet action that removes waste completely. A three-direction nozzle provides 360-degree cleaning action with minimal water usage. The full-size residential-style seat and china bowl, available in standard or low-profile height, present contemporary styling with a rim design that prevents spills or overflow. An optional hand spray is available. It carries a two-year limited warranty with a 10-year limited warranty on the bowl finish.

Other upgrades include improved directional pressurized rim wash, better foot pedal ergonomics and increased reliability in its water valve and spring cartridge. Installation labor is reduced because there are no shrouds or covers to install, saving money and time.

First introduced as a prototype at last year’s Louisville show, the Breathe Easy has been fully developed into a compact portable unit that purifies up to 800 cubic feet of air.

It combines innovative photocatalytic nano-mesh technology and ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy airborne biological contaminants such as mold spores, bacteria, pollen, viruses, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and chemical fumes. Its process has been proven to reduce volatile organic compounds up to 96% and bacteria and fungi by 99%.

In addition to cleaning the air, the Breathe Easy eliminates unpleasant odors from irritants such as pets, smoke, cooking, cleaners and gasoline. It is UL, California Air Resources Board (CARB), CE, and E-Mark certified and is safe to use around people, pets or plants without ventilation.

The Breathe Easy system’s RV version has the capability to be applied to any existing Dometic RV air conditioner or heat pump system, but being portable, it can be set up in homes, boats, pet areas, trucks – wherever users see a need. Its AC/DC operation and compact size (only about six inches by five inches, and two inches thick) make it extra versatile and able to be used just about anywhere. A worldwide power adapter with plugs and a 12V DC power plug are included. Plus, the UV bulb is easy to replace, and the unit operates quietly with two fan speeds.



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